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Barbara Slotkin 

album editor 

Leslie Hendricks 

Barbara Donovan 



Mary Lerchen 


Tex Fenimore 
Harry Munyon 

Paula Badonsky 

Claire McNaught 
Marilyn Oldham 


Katy Barnett 


Carol Remele 
Kay Ralston 


Marcia Dubbs 
Margie Morris 


Chuck Darcy 

1963 ZONIAN 

Table of Contents 


Administration and Faculty 

Campus Life 

Class Section 





"The gentleman is a man of truth, 
lord of his own actions, and ex- 
pressing that lordship in his behavior, 
not in any manner dependent and 
servile either on persons, or opin- 
ions, or possessions. Beyond this 
fact of truth and real force, the 
word denotes good nature or be- 
.nevolence; manhood first and then 

— Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Mr. George M, Willingham 


\ I 



n \ I 


David A. Speir, Jr. 
Jacksonville Beach, Florida 
William and Mary 
University of Florida 

"The members of the class of 1963 are leaving an important phase of 
their lives and are entering another phase that will be exciting, demanding and 
rewarding. The future holds great promise. Balboa High School sincerely 
hopes that your years here have prepared you to meet the challenges of the 
future expectantly and confidently. Our country and our world need con- 
tributing and participating citizens. You will always have our best wishes 
for a happy, successful and useful life" 



Clifton Forge, Virginia 
Assistant Principal 
University of Virginia 
B.A., M.ED. 




OFFICE WORKERS, left to right: Mrs. Herrera. Mrs. Mclzi, Mrs Hunt. 

Miss Marie Q Weir 
St. Petersburg, Florida 

University of Florida, 
Columbia University 
B.S.E., M.A. 

Mr. George J. Walters 
Independence, Missouri 
Guidance Counselor 
Creighton University, 
Denver University 
B.S., M.A. 




Miss Donna M. Stuebe 
Danville, Illinois 
Counselor, Guidance Classes 
Indiana State College 
B.S., M.A. 

Mr. David Baglien 

Leeds, North Dakota 


North Dakota State University 

B.S., M.S. 


Mr. C. F. Anderson 
Lindsborg, Kansas 
Woodworking, Drivers' Training 
Kansas State Teachers College 
B.S., M.S. 

Mr. Ross E. Anderson 
Mason City, Iowa 
Physical Education 
State University of Iowa 
B.S., M.A. 


Miss Gertrude Armijo 
U.S. History, Spanish 
University of New Mexico, 
University of Wisconsin, New Mexico 
Highlands University 
B.A., M.A. 

"I don't care if you are a track star, 
6 p.m. is too late for make-up!" 

Miss Claude M. Aycock 

Rocky Mount, North Carolina 


Women's College of University of 

North Carolina, Columbia University 

A.B., M.A. 

Mr. John A. Banasick 

Scottdale, Pemisylvania 

General Science 

West Virginia University, Harvard, 

Oak Rjdge Institute, Wale, CC.N.Y. 

B.S., M.A. 

Mr. C. A. Batalden 

Windom, Minnesota 

Mechanical Drawing, Architectural 

Drawing, Sheet Metal Drawing, 

General Math 

Bradley University, Pennsylvania 

State University 

B.S., M.S. 



Mr. George J. Beetle 

Myers, Montana 

Elementary Typing 

Carroll College, University of Hawaii, 

Navy Pacific University, John B. 

Stetson University, Montana State 

University, University of Oregon, 

University of Texas 

B.A., M.S. 

Mrs. Ruby M. Bissett 

Birmingham, Alabama 


Howard College, Women's Missionary 

Union Training School, University of 

Mexico, Mexico City College, 

University of California 

A.B., M.R.E. 

"On my honor I will try . . . 

Yes, I promise to be a good Brownie Scout.' 

Mrs. Bissett is sworn in. 

Mr. W. Eugene Bondurant 
Reidsville, North Carolina 
Algebra, General Math 
Duke University 
A.B., M.Ed. 

Mr. Clayton S. Bradford 
Hamden, Connecticut 
English. Journalism 
Trinity College, University of 
B.A., M.A.T. 

Miss Mary S. Brigham 

Battle Creek, Michigan 


Battle Creek College, 

Columbia University 

B.A., M.A. 

Mr. Frederick S. Brown 
Canutillo, Texas 
English, Journalism 
University of Washington, 
University of New Mexico 
B.A., M.A. 

Mr. James H. Bynum 

Overland Park, Kansas 


University of Kansas City, 

University of Kansas 

B.A., M.Ed. 

Miss Jeanne Brown 



Stephens College 

University of Missouri 

A.B., A.M. 

Mr. Ronald Cappon 

Gun Lake, Michigan 

English, U.S. History 

Adrian College, 

Eastern Michigan University 

B.A., M.A. 

Mr. Stewart J. Brown 
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 
Health, Physical Education 
University of Pittsburg 
B.S., M.Ed. 

Mr. Dick Collver 
Billings, Montana 
General Science, English 
Eastern Montana College 
Colorado State College 
B.S., M.A. 

Mr. James N. Cook 

Baileysville, West Virginia 


Marshall University 

University of Virginia 

B.A., M.A. 

Mrs. Virginia M. Cutter 

Austin, Texas 


University of Texas 

B.J., M.J. 

Mr. George W. Case 

Lewiston, Idaho 

Algebra, Drivers' Training 

Northern Idaho College of Education 

University of Oregon 

B.A., M.Ed. 

Mrs. Mary Condon 

Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Modern World History, World 


Northern Michigan College 

of Education, University of Michi 

B.S., M.A. 

Miss Cecelia Dawson 
St. Petersburg, Florida 
Health, Physical Education 
University of Florida, 
University of Colorado 

Mrs. Ligia De Armas 
Colon, Republic of Panama 


Michigan State University 

B.A., M.A. 

Mr. Frank J. DeGeer 
Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Colorado State, 
University of Texas 
A.B., M.Ed. 

"Well, if you like purple cows . . ." 
Miss Ellis and Danny judge his art work. 


Mrs. Vivian S. De La Mater 
Austin, Texas 
Shorthand, Typing 
University of Texas, 
Southwestern University 
B.B.A., M.Ed. 


Mrs. Jeannette Douglas 
Humberton, Mississippi 
Health, Physical Education 
Mississippi State College for Women 

Miss Jane F. Ellis 

King Ferry, New York 

Art, English 

Pratt Institute, Syracuse University 

B.F.A., M.S. 

Mr. James H. Elliott 

Maxwell, Nebraska 

Metal Shop, Wood Shop, General Math 

Universitv of Nebraska 

B.S. Ed., M.S. Ed. 

Mr. Morris Finkelstein 

Charleston, South Carolina 

Physical Education 

Newberry College, George Peabody 

College for Teachers 

B.S., M.A. 

Mr. Frank Gately 

Boston, Massachusetts 

U.S. History, American Institutions 

Boston State College, 

Boston University 

B.S. Ed., M.A. 

Mr. W. M. Fischer 

Milwaukee, V^iscotfisin 


University of Chicago, 

Columbia University, 

University of Wisconsin 

B.S., M.A. 

Mr. Lawrence E. Fraley, Jr. 

Boulder, Colorado 


University of Colorado 

B.A., M.B.S. 

Mr. Raymond B. Greene 
English, Speech, Drama 
Arizona State University, 
University of California 
B.A., M.A. 

Mrs. Jane Gruver 

Dallas, Texas 


Mary Hardin, Baylor 


Miss Julia M. Hardin 

Juliette. Georgia 

Health, Physical Education 

Georgia State College for Women, 

Florida State University 

B.S., M.S. 

Mrs. Shirley R. Haselden 

Orlando. Florida 


Wesleyan College, 

University of Florida 

A.B., M.A. 

Mr. Edward W. Hatchctt, Jr. 
Balboa, Canal Zone 
American Institutions 
University of New Mexico. 
Arizona State University 

Mr. Victor A. Herr 

Everett, Washington 

Band, Orcliestra, Glee Club 

Everett Junior College, Denver 

University, Columbia T.C., 

University of Colorado 

B.M. Ed., M.A. 

Mr. Frank Y. Hukill 

Lexington, Kentucky 


University of Kentucky 

B.S., M.A. 

Mr. Lester D. Hummel 
Freedom, Pennsylvania 
Duquesne University, 
Stanford University, 
College of Stuebenville 
B.A., M.A. 

Mr. Lester Hutchinson 
Sacramento, California 
Algebra, Plane Geometry 
University of Idaho, 
Arizona State University 
B.S. Ed., M.A. Ed. 

Mrs. Mary C. Jackson 

New York, New York 



B.A., M.A.T. 

Mr. Cook aids students. Nan and Sue, in pursuing a 
reluctant amoeba. 


Mr. Glendon M. Kriese 

Minot, North Dakota 


Valley City Teachers College, 

Iowa State College, Minot State 

Teachers College, Colorado State 

College, University of Florence 

B.S., M.S., 

Miss Patricia A. Lehman 

St. Joseph, Missouri 

Physical Education 

Northwest Missouri State College 

B.S., M.S. 

Mr. Stephen Peck 

Los Angeles, California 


University of Southern California 

Miss Hazel P. Matthews 

Scottsboro, Alabama 


Alabama College, 

George Peabody College for Teachers 

A.B., M.A. 

Miss Beatriz F. Perez 

Panama, Republic of Panama 


University of Panama, 

Mary crest College, 

State University of Iowa 

B.A., M.A. 

Miss Eloise Monroe 
Shafier, California 
Household Arts 
Kansas State University, 
Columbia University 
B.S., M.A. 

Mrs. Vera Perry 
Latin, Geometry 
Evansville College, 
Indiana University 
B.A., M.S. 

Mrs. Janice C. Pitts 
Newton, North Carolina 
Chemistry, Math 
Wake Forest College 

Mr. Cecil H. Raybourn 
Panama, Republic of Panama 
Health, Physical Education 
Bradley University, 
East Texas State College 
B.S., M.S. 

Mr. C. E. Purifoy, Jr. 
East Lansing, Michigan 
U.S. History 
University of Texas 
Michigan State University 
B.S., M.A. 



Miss Grace J. Rider 
Davenport, Iowa 

University of Iowa, 
University of Minnesota 
B.A., L.S. 

Mr. Rex Robinson 
Carbon Hill, Alabama 
General Science, General Math 
University of Alabama 
B.A., M.A. 

Miss Nancy Scott 
Normal, Illinois 

Grinnell College, 
University of Illinois 
BJ\., M.A. 

Mr. J. Weston Seaquist 

Sister Bay, Wisconsin 


University of Wisconsin, 

New York University 

Ph.B., M.A. 

Mr. Karl W. Shirley 

Mr. Gordon B. Small 

Hereford, Texas 

Rye, New York 

Plane Geometry, Algebra 

Algebra, Trigonometry 

Texas Christian University, 

Bowdoin College, Brown University 

West Texas State 

A.B., M.A. 

B.A., M.Ed. 

"Now hear this!" 
Mr. Shirley at work 





K '"^ 




Mr. Chas. M. Tatman 

Milltown, New Jersey 


Temple University, 

Rutgers University 

B.S. Ed., M.S. Ed. 

Mrs. Amelia Sollitto 

New Jersey 


Douglass, Middlebury College, 

University of Havana 

B.A., M.A. 

Miss Margaret Whitman 

Wayne, Nebraska 


Wayne State Teachers, 

Northwestern University, 

University of London 

A.B., M.A. 


Mrs. Ercel F. Stanphiil 

West Point, Mississippi 

Plane Geometry 

Oklahoma College for Women 


Mr. Charles R. Teeter 

Conway, Arkansas 

General Business, World Geography 

University of Arkansas 

B.S., M.A. 

Mr. Donald R. Wilcox 

Sioux Falls, South Dakota 


Augustana, University of South Dakota 

B.A., M.A. 

Mrs. Patricia F. VanEvera 
Boulder, Colorado 
Spanish, U.S. History 
Ham line University, 
University of Minnesota 
B.A., M.A. 

Mr. H. Loring White 

Sidney, Nebraska 


University of Connecticut 

A.B., M.A. 

Mr. Clifford W. Wilde 
Santa Rosa, California 
World Geography 
Ohio State College, 
University of California, 
University of Washington 
B.A., M.A. 

Mr. Henry J. Williams, Jr. 

Perry, Florida 

Algebra, Plane Geoonetry 

University of Florida, University of 

North Carolina, University of 


B.S., B.A., M.Ed. 

Mr. George M. WilHngham 

Lakeland, Florida 


Alabama Polytechnic Institute, 

Auburn University 

B.S., M.A. 

Mrs. Doris VC'illingham 

Lakeland, Florida 


Auburn University 


"What should we learn?' 

Sgc. Milton L. Bridges 
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 
Administrative NCO, Map Reading 
and Small Unit Tactics 

Maj. Frank T. Courrler 

Columbia. South Carolina 


University of Richmond 

Pol. Science 

Sgt. Ambrose J. Larson 
Olso, Minnesota 
Military Science 
Aakers Business College 



This newly constructed bridge plays an 
important role in each of our lives and 
is strongly symbolic in many ways, just 
as this structure connects iti'o different 
sections, Balboa High is the bridging 
force conne-ting two separate portions 
in our lives. As freshmen we begin our 
trip across the bridge; from this posi- 
tion the looming structure and awe- 
inspiring immenseness of the bridge 
enfold us with an overwhelming feeling 
of smallness, and the end of our trip 
appears very distant. As sophomores 
and juniors we have greatly progressed 
on our journey and in the process ob- 
tained immeasurable knowledge which 
will remain with us always. As seniors 
we have reached the end of our trip 
across the bridge, and only then do we 
finally realize the shortness of our 
journey and the significance of our next 
step in life. Yet our bridge is a sturdy 
one and has adequately upheld us on 
our journey. With this assurance we 
embark with a feeling of confidence. 





I don't see what she sees in him. 

Just which way ARE you going? 

I've called you three times — 
hurry up or you'll be tardy. 

It can't be tbiU bad!! 

Our Leader's Fortress 

Therefore ... 2 + 2 = 5 

How long do you think we can get 
away with this? 

Now, where will I get my mangos? 

Where are my benches? 

Is Mr. Herr home? 

Do you mean I have to call you general too? 



Always room for one more. 

Home of the Bulldogs? 


"We'll always remember the days from September to 
early in June." It seems like only yesterday when we tim- 
idly entered B.H.S. as the freshman class. Under the di- 
rection of Mr. Card, we elected our class officers: Gene 
Linfors, President; Lewis French, Vice-President; and 
Judy Schlatter, Secretary. With these fine leaders we 
overcame our initial shyness and began participating in 
B.H.S. activities. We proved we were not quite so "in- 
ferior" as we defeated the sophomores at the Frosh-Soph. 
Frolic. We found ourselves uniting as a class and adjust- 
ing to high school with facility. When the Valentine 
Formal took place, we chose Betty Van Dyke and Judy 
Schlatter to represent us on the court. Even though we 
were low-men-on-the-totempole, we were proud that we 
were finaUy high school smdents. 

The following year we returned overflowing with en- 
thusiasm, ready to outdo the upper classmen. We needed 
leaders to guide us through this trying year. Lewis French 
was elected President; Kaye Sergeant, Vice-President; and 
Betsy Mallory, Secretary. Under the supervision of Mr. 
Knick and Mr. Case, we created a coordinating commit- 
tee, the fiist of its kind in a class. Again we were repre- 
sented at the Valentine Formal by the lovely Princesses 
Betty Van Dyke and Sheila Sheridan. Finally our first 
dance came up. We spent many toiling hours working to 
make our Sadie Hawkins Dance a success. Margaret Evans 
was Daisie Mae, while Rusty Potter was Li'l Abner. Sheila 
Sheridan, Kerry McCoy, and Carol Streetman served on 
the court. Nancy Morency represented our class as the 
only sophomore on the cheerleading squad. Soon it was 
Carnival time and we selected Anita Eder to serve on 
the Carnival Queen's Court. Before long we were knee 
deep with the S.A. elections. After campaigning long and 
hard, Alfred Osborne was elected Vice-President of the 
Student Association. 

In 1961, we entered the halls of B.HS. prepared to do' 
any task assigned to us. To lead the under-upper classmen 
we elected George FitzGerald, Allan Hesters and Joe Ped- 
drick as President, Vice-President, and Secretary, respect- 
fully. With the guidance of Mr. WiUingham, our Christ- 
mas Formal was a huge success. Micki Garcia reigned as 
Queen with Sheila Sheridan. Carol Streetman, and Jane 
Thomas on the court. Shortly after Christmas our band of 
unity arrived. This year Carol Coffey represented us at 
the Valentine Formal. Little time elapsed before the Car- 
nival festivities arrived. Our class put Anita Eder and 

Maria Velez on the court. We had little time to study 
before the track season popped up. Sheila Sheridar 
reigned as Queen. Next we found ourselves involved in 
the Jr.-Sr. Banquet. Our committee did a fine job, and 
the affair was certainly a memorable one- George Fitz- 
Gerald presented the seniors with the starting button to 
the rocket of success. The banquet was hardly over before 
preparations for the Jr.-Sr. Prom went underway. Held 
at Amador, the Prom featured Marilyn Anderson and Ira 
Balch as Junior Princesses. Now everyone turned their 
attention to the S.A. politikin'. The assemblies were held, 
the speeches were given, and the votes cast. Alfred Os- 
borne emerged the victor, and Barbara Slotkin and Betsy 
Mallory were chosen S.A. Secretaries. Our junior year 
closed with a sense of accomplishment as we looked for- 
ward to being the Senior Class of B.H.S. 

At last the year had come. The year when we were 
the leaders, the administratois ... the SENIORS OF 
1963. Having previously elected Gene Linfors, President; 
Joe Peddrick, Vice-President; and Sally Cornwell, Secre- 
taty, we plunged into our last year — gay, yet serious, 
vivacious, yet studious, buoyant, yet industrious. After a 
semester of hard work, we relaxed at the annual Senior 
Picnic held at Summit Gardens. It was our turn to give 
the Valentine Formal. In addition to Queen Bobbye Lou 
Herrington and Princesses Betty Van Dyke and Sheila 
Sheridan, our class selected King Don Wellington. Slow- 
ly we were realizing that the year was passing aU too 
quickly. We saw our last Carnival when Anne Kaska was 
elected Queen with Magali Reyes and Toni De Mers as 
her Senior Attendants. We participated in other activities 
for a final time: the frolic, the Jr.-Sr. Banquet, and Prom, 
the athletic events, the S.A. meetings, the Senior trip, and 
under the guidance of Mr. Hummel and Mr- Fraley, the 
numerous Senior activities. 

We pause for a moment while our high school career 
flashes back in our memories. We recall trials and tribula- 
tions, friendships, happiness and sadness, as we reminisce 
four wonderful years at B.H.S. As we faced the final day 
of graduation — happy, sad, bold, and afraid — we look 
back with a feeling of pride and accomplishment. We 
have successfully completed an important step — a step 
that is not the first, not the last, but one of many to come 
in our lives. With nostalgia in its heart, the Class of 1963 
leaves Balboa High School to become tomorrow's leaders. 


Gloriela Aleman 
Paula Badonsky 
Catherine Barnett 
Samuel Bettsak 
Franklin Brooks 
Mary Brzezinski 
Nancy Combecker 
David Cohen 
Sally Cornwell 
Ivonne Crane 
Eleanor Dacus 
Herschell Dempsey 
Jean Dobbs 
Barbara Donovan 
Carla Elich 
Frank Finlanson 
Funis Friese 
Wallace Garrison 
Ellen Gray 
Leslie Hendricks 
Sarita Heres 

Marilyn Humxna 
Kathy Kascher 
Roger Kat 
Mary Kelly 
Marianela Lam 
Mary Lerchen 
Eugene Linfors 
Jane Lippincott 
Marlene Luhr 
Margaret Mahoney 
Melinda Mallahan 
Elidabeth Mallory 
Kerry McCoy 
Richard McKiernan 
Margaret Morris 
William Mounts 
Mary Ann Nita 
Alfred Osborne 
John Paterson 
Joseph Peddrick 

Thomas Perantie 
Joseph Perry 
Arline Peterson 
Carol Remele 
Annette Rybicki 
William Schmidt 
Richard Selby 
Kaye Sergeant 
Wendell Shepard 
Robert Singleton 
Barbara Slotkin 
Caroline Smith 
Peter Smith 
Mary Eva Stallworth 
Paul Starr 
Brian Stcikney 
Andrea Tarflinger 
Leilani Walston 
Don Wellington 
Frances Wilson 
Mary Zerbinatti 


Mr. Hummell, Class Sponsor; Sally Cornwell, Secretary; Eugene 
Linfors, President; Joe Pcddrick, Vice-President. 

Yolanda Jo Aguilar 

Manhattan, Kansas, 1944 

Chorus 3,4, Other School: Latin Club 2; 
Spanish Club 2. 

Richard Raymond Ahlborn 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1 945 

Other School: French Club 1.2,3; Library 
Club 2,3 ; Science Club I ; Valentine 
Formal Comm. 1; Football 1,2,3. 

Michael Albanese 

Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 1945 

Letterman's Club 3; Track 1,2; Wrest- 
ling 2,3. 

Gloriela Aleman 

Republic of Panama, 1944 

Pan American Club 1,2.3,4; C.CC. 2,3,4; 

Spanish Club 1.2,3,4; Usher 4; Visitor's 

Day Comm. 4; Carnival Dance 1,2; 

Fashion Show 2. 

Maria Alfaro 

Panama City, Republic of Panama, 1944 

Pan American Club 2,3; C.C.C. 3; 
Spanish Club >; Bowling 3. 

Lilia del Carmen Aleman 

Panama City, Republic of Panama, 1945 

Pan American Club 1,4; C.C.C. 2.3,4; 
Don Cncaracba 1; S.A. Alternate 2; S.A. 
Representatives 1; Chorus 2,3; Carnival 
Dance 2; Talent Show 2. 

Joan P. Ammirati 
Brooklyn, New York, 1945 

Drama Club 3,4; G.A.A. 3,4; 
Counselor's Assistant 1 ; Office 
Assistant 2; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 
Comm. 3; Senior Gift Comm. 
4; Death Takes a Holiday 4; 
Dramatics Usher 3; Valentine 
Showcase 3; Archery (Intra.) 3. 

Joyce D. Anderson 
194 5 

French Club 4. Muskegon High 
School: Y.F.C. Secretary 1; 
G.A.A. 1,2; Science Club 2; 
Spanish Club 1,2. 

Marilyn Jean Anderson 
Ancon, C.Z., 194S 

G.A.A. 3,4; Pep Club 2; Office 
Assistant 2,3,4; Frosh. - Soph. 
Frolic 1; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 
3; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; 
Junior Ring Comm. 3; Senior 
Ring Comm. 4; Basketball (In- 
tra.) 1,2,3,4; Ping Posig 2,3 
Volley Ball (Intra.) 1,2,3,4 
S.A. Co-ordinating Comm. 4 
Usher 3; Baccalaurate Usher 3; 
Fashion Show 1; Graduation 
Usher 3; Freshman Valentine 
Showcase 1 ; Sophomore Easter 
Showcase 2. 

William G. Arey 
Waterboro, So. Carolina, 


Camera Club 1,2; Drama Club 
3,4; Natl. Thespians 4; Photo- 
graphy Club 1,2; Point of View 
Club 3,4; C.C.C. 3.4; United 
Nations Club 4; ROTC 2,3,4, 
2nd Lieutenant; ROTC Band 2, 
3,4; Home Ticket Sales Comm. 
4; Senior Activities Comm. 4; 
Swimming 1,2; Swimming (In- 
tra.) 1,2; The Grass Harp 3; 
ATitigOT2^ 3; Boys' State 3; Band 
1,2; Orchestra 1,2. 

Gary Harlan Arnold 

Cleveland, Ohio, 1945 

French Club 3; Library Assist- 
ant 2,3; Physics Assistant 4; 
Chemistry Assistant 3 ; Other 
School: Cards and Announce- 
ments 2,3 ; Track 2,3 ; Audio 
Visual Assistant 1,2,3. 

Florencio Raul Arosemena 

Panama Oty, R.P., 1945 

Douglas R. Aseron 

Ancon, C.Z., I94S 

Bridge Club 4; Camera Club 
1,2,4; Chess Club 1,2,3,4; 
French Club 2,3; Letterman's 
Club 3,4; Math Club 1; Photo- 
graphy Club 1,2,4; C.C.C. 4; 
Stamp Club 4; Awards Ball 2,3, 
4; Drill Team 2,3; Firing Squad 
2,3; ROTC 2,3,4, 2nd Lieu- 
tenant; Senior Activities Comm. 
4; Frosh.-Soph. Frolic 1; Jr.- 
Sr. Prom 3 ; Football 3 ; Football 
(Intra.) All Stars 1,2,3,4; Bas- 
ketball 3,4; Basketball (Intra.) 
1,2,3,4; Bowling 1,2; Softball 
1; Golf (Intra.) 1; Tennis (In- 
tra.) 3; Ping Pong 1; Volley 
Ball (Intra.) 1; Water Polo 
(Intra.) 3; S.A. Alternate 1; 
3. A. Representative 3; Glee Club 
4; Boys' State 3. 

Warren A. Ashton 

Margarita, C.Z., 1945 

Letterman's Club 3,4; ROTC 
2,3,4, Staff Sergeant; Jr. - Sr. 
Prom Comm. 3 ; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 
Comm. 3 ; Junior Ring Comm. 
3; Football 4; Football (Intra.) 
1,2; Baseball 3,4; Basketball 
(Intra.) 1,2; Track 3,4; Track 
(Intra.) 1,2; Band 1,2; Sadie 
Flawkins Dance 2. 

Paula Ann Badonsky 

Ancon, C.Z., 1945 

Drama Club 4; Math Club 2; 
Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; National 
Honor Society 3,4; Point of 
View Club 4; Library Assistant 
2; Office Assistant 4; Chemis- 
try Assistant 3; Cards and An- 
nouncements Comm. 4, The 
Grass Harp 3; Volley Ball (In- 
tra.) 3; Zonian 4; Glee Club 
3,4; S.A. Alternate 1; Co-ordi- 
nating Comm. 4; Visitors' Day 
4; Dramatics Usher 3; Fashion 
Show 1; Girls' State 3; Junior 
Organ Guild 2,3,4; Archery 
(Intra.) 3. 

Ruth Bain 
Margarita, C.Z., 1945 

G.A.A. 2,3,4; Office Assistant 
3,4; Basketball (Intra.) 2,3,4; 
Volley Ball (Intra.) 2,3.4. 

Robert Edward Baker 

Washington, D.C., 1944 

Drama Club 4; Swimming 4; 
Swimming (Intra.) 4; Track 
4; Track (Intra.) 4. 

Ira Bernice Balch 

Panama, R.P., 1945 

Library Club 1; Pan American 
Club 1; Clinic Assistant 2; 
Field Fiockey (Intra.) 4; 
Fashion 1,2,3. 

Lynn A. Baldwin 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 194S 

Future Nurses of America 1; Pep Club 1; Christmas Formal 
Committee 3; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; Senior Coordinating 
Committee 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3; S.A. Co-ordinating 4; Chorus 
1.2,3. Fashion Show 3.4; Graduation Usher 3; Thanksgiving, 
Christmas Showcase 3. 

Patricia Marie Ball 

Colerain, North Carolina, 194S 

Fayetteville, North Carolina: Basketball 1; Track 1,2; Gradu- 
ation Dance I; Visitors Day Committee 1,2; Glee Club 1; 
Talent Show 1; Fashion Show 1. 

Florence Ann Barbour 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 1 944 

Camera Club 2.3,4; Drama Club 4; Future Nurses of America 
1,2,4; Library Club 4; Mythology Club 4. Pan American Club 
4; Pep Club 1,2.4; United Nations 4; Cards and Announce- 
ments 4; Basketball (Intra.) I; Bowling 1; Softball 1; Ping 
Pong 1; Volley Ball (Intra.) 1. S.A. Alternate 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; 
Glee Club 3,4; Orchestra 4; Talent Show 4. 

Catherine Mary Barnett 

Colorado Springs. Colorado, 194S 

Mu Alpha Theta 4; National Honor Society 4; Point of View 
Club 3,4; C.C.C. 3; United Nations Club 3; Senior Gift Com- 
mittee 4. Basketball (Intra.) 3; Swimming Team (Varsity) 5; 
Zonian Staff 4; S.A. Representative 4; Usher 3,4; Girls' State 
3; Bridge Club 4; The Academy of the Holy Cross, Kensington, 
Maryland: Sodality 1,2; Student Council Representative 1; 
Bowling (Intra.) 2; Newspaper Staff 2; Latin Club 1,2; Library 
Club 2. 

Nancy J. Bartecchi 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1945 

Future Nurses of America 1,2,3. Pan American Club 1,2; Pep 
Club 2; Photography Club 4; Stamp Club 4; Tennis 4; Volley 
Ball (Intra.) 4; Fashion Show 1,2. 

Ethel E. Baumbach 

Ancon, Canal Zone, i94S 

Office Assistant 2,4; Showcase Committee 2,4; S.A. Alternate 1. 

Carlos Beechner 

Panama. Republic of Panama, 194S 

French Club 1; Science Club 1,2; Drill Team 2,3,4; Firing 
Squad 3,4. Drill Team Commander 4; Football (Intra.) 1,2; 
Bowling 1; Track (Intra.) 1,2; Talent Show 4. 

Paul M. Bell 

"All State" 
Ancon, Canal Zone 
ROTC, PFC; Football 

(Intra.) 1,2,3,4; ^X'a^er Polo 1. 

Chriscina Elida Bernsee 

Panama, Republic of Panama 

Camera Club 1,2; French Club 4; Future Nurses of America 
3; Library Club 4; Pan American Club 4; Pep Club 2; CC.C 
2,3,4-; Counselor's Assistant 2; Library Assistant 4; Basketball 
(Intra.) 1; Ping Pong 1,2; Volley Ball (Intra.) 1; Parakeet 
Ad Seller 2; Fashion Show 1,2. 

Samuel E. Bettsak 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 194S 

French Club 4; Physics Assistant 4; Individual Senior Pictures 
4; Football (Intra.) 3,4; Swimming 4; Tennis 3,4; Track 4. 
Ping Pong 1,2,4; Zonian Photographer 4; Choriis 1; Institute 
A. Einstein: Vice-President of Student Council; Editor of 
School Newspaper 2. 

Ronald John Billingsley 

Quincy, Massachusetts, 1943 

Robert Joseph Boatwright, Jr. 

Ancon, Ci-nal Zone, 1945 

Letterman's Club 2,3,4; ROTC 2, Corporal; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3; 
Senior Activities Committee 4; Football 3,4; Football (Intra.) 
2; Canal Zone All Stars 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; All Zone Baseball 
3,4; S.A. Alternate 3,4. 

Tommy Edward Boehning 

St. Petersburg, Florida, 1944 

ROTC 3,4, Private; Awards Ball 3,4; 
Other School: Civil Defense Club 2. 

Robert Clinton Bohannon 

Margarita, C.Z., 1945 

Chess Club 1,2,3. Library Club 1; 
Math Club 1; Mu Alpha Theta 2,3; 
Photography Club I; Science Club 1,2; 
ROTC 3,4, Captain; Awards Ball 2,3; 
Usher Guard 4; Christmas Formal 
Comm. 3; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3; 
Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm. 3. Swimming 
1; Ping Pong 1; Plays, Lighting and 
Sound 1,2; S.A. Alternate 1; Band 
1,2; Orchestra 1,2; Game Usher 4; 
Boys' State 3; Math Club Showcase 2; 
Noon Orchestra 1,2. Production Sound 
Committee 1,2. 

Michael D. Booth 

Ancon, C.Z., 194 5 

Chess Club 2; Drama Club 2,3, Vice- 
President 4; Natl. Thespians 3,4; Pho- 
tography Club 1; ROTC 4, Sergeant; 
Arms an J the Man 3; The Gran Harp 
3; Death Taken a Holiday 4; Teahouse 
af the August Moon 1; S.A. Alternate 
1. Get Acquainted Dance 1; Orchestra 

Bobby E. Boring 


Letterman's Club 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2, 

3,4; Canal Zone All-Stars 3; Baseball 

1,2; Basketball 1; Swimming 1,2; 
Track 1,2,3,4. 

Lynn Carol Boswell 

Ancon, C.Z., 1945 

Library Club 3,4; Library Assistant 

Sonia V. Bowker 

Panama City, R.P., 1945 

Robert FranKlyn Boyd 

Brooklyn, New York, 1944 

Carlos Henry Brandenburg 

Canal Zone, 1 944 

Chess Club 4; Pan American Club 4; 
Science Club 4. Stamp Club 4; Chem- 
istry Assistant 4; ROTC 4; Drill Team 
4; Rifle Team 4; Usher Guard 4; 
Cards and Announcements 4; Football 
(Intra.) 4; Baseball 4; Basketball 4; 
Ping Pong 4. Other School: Letterman's 
Club 2; Science Club 1; Spanish Club 
1; Freshman's Day I; Football (Intra.) 
2; Baseball 2; Basketball 2,3; Basket- 
ball (Intra.) 3; Softball 1,2; Swimming 
(Intra.) 3. Track (Intra.) I; Ping 
Pong 1; Volley Ball (Intra.) 3; Water 
Polo 3; Band 1; Night of January; 
Welfare Drive 3. 

Miguel A. Brenes 

San Jose, Costa Rica, 1 944 

Pan American Club 2,3,4; C.C.C. 2,3, 
4; Spanish Club 4; ROTC 2,3; Swim- 
ming (Intra.) 1; Softball 1. 

Dalila O. Brett 

Boquete, R.P., 1944 

Pan American Club 2; C.C.C. 2,3; 
C.C.C. Showcase 4: Fashion Show 4. 

Suzanne Marya Brigman 

Sacramento, California, 194? 

Dennis Thomas Brome 

Ancon, C.Z., 1945 

Camera Club 2; Drama Club 2,3; Pan 
American Club 1,2,3; Point of View 
Club 3,4; C.C.C. 2,3; Stamp Club 4; 
Frosh.-Soph. Frolic 2; ROTC 2,3,4, 
Sergeant; Usher Guard 2,3. 

Franklin R. Brooks 

Margarita, C.Z., 1945 

Chess Club 4; Pan American Club 4; C.C.C. 3,4. Stamp Club 
3,4; Cards and Announcements 4; Band 1,2; Co-ordinating 
Comm. 4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4. Cristobal High School: S.A. 
Alternate I; Boys' State 3. 

Paul J. Brooks 

Ancon, C.Z., 1944 

Letterman's Club 1,2,3, Vice-President 4; Football 1,2,3,4; 
ROTC 2,3,4, Sergeant; Cap and Gown Comm. 4. Canal Zone 
All-Stars 3; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Safety Comm. 3; 
Band 1,2; Orchestra 1,2. Cristobal High School: Class Presi- 
dent 2; 21 Club 2. 


San Diego, California, 1945 

G.A.A. 3; Basketball (Intra.) 3,4; Swimming 4; Tennis 3,4. 
Volley Ball (Intra.) 3. Point Loma High School: F.N. A. 1,2; 
G.A.A. 1,2; Clinic Assistant 1,2; Frosh-Soph. Frolic 2; Sadie 
Hawkins Dance 2; Basketball (Intra.) 1,2; Tennis 1,2; Volley 
Ball (Intra.) 1,2. S.A. Representatice 2. 

Mary Michael Ann Brzezinski 

Margarita, C.Z., 1945 

Pep Club 2; C.C.C. 4; United Nations Club 3; Individual 
Senior Pic. Comm. 4; Girls State 3; Volley Ball (Intra.) 2,4; 
F.T.A. 4; Bridge Club 4. 

Mary Ellen Bunnell 
Council Bluffs, Iowa, 1945 

Library Assistant 1; Office Assistant 4; Glee Club 2. 

Ray C. Burda 

David, Chiriqui, 

R.P., 1944 

ROTC 2,3,4, Sergeant; Christmas Formal Comm. 3. Senior Ring 
Comm. 4; Bowling 2; Ping Pong 1; Chorus 1,2; Glee Club 

Wydia Ann BurkwjII 

Kansas City, Missouri, 1945 

Drama Club 4; Other School: P<;p Club 1,2; Water Ballet 1 2- 
Fashion Show 1,2; Drama Club 1,2,3; Honorary Drama 
Society 3. 

Eldridge N. Burton 

San Francisco, California, 194S 

Carlyn C. Calhoun 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1944 

C.C.C. 2. Library Assistant 4; Showcase Committee 1; Chorus 
1,2; Carnival Dance 1,2; Talent Show 2. 

John William Carlson 
Needham, Massachusetts, 194J 

Chess Club 3; Drama Club President 2,3,4; Letterman's Club 
3,4; National Thespians 3,4; Stamp Club 3; ROTC 2; Jr,-Sr. 
Prom 3; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3; Junior Ring Committee 3. Senior 
Ring 4; Football 1,2; Baseball 3,4; All Zone Baseball 4; Basket- 
ball (Junior Var.) 3; Bowling 2,3; Swimming 1,2; Softball 1 
Tennis 3. Track 3,4; Track (Intra.) 1,2; Skin of Our Teeth 
AnJrocles and the Lion; Arms and the Man; The Grass Harp, 
Death Takes a Holiday; Boys' State 3; S.A. Alternate 2; S.A, 
Representative 3. 

James C. Carney 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1944 

George H. Casira 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1 944 

Chess Club 1; Pan American Club 1; C.C.C. 2,3; Drill Team 
3; Football (Intra.) 1. Golf (Intra.) 1; Bowling 1,2; Softball 
1; Tennis (Intra.) I; Track (Intra.) 1; Ping Pong 1; S.A. 
Alternate 4; Carnival Dance 3. 

Alfred W. Chase 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 1945 

Chess Club 4; 
Science Club 3 ; 
Track 4. 

Mythology 4; 
Swimming 4; 

Patricia Marie Clarizio 

Chicago, Illinois, 1945 

Drama Club 4; Library Club 
1,2,3; Library Assistant 3; Cap 
and Gown Committee 4; Volley 
Ball (Intra.) 3; Stage Produc- 
tions: "Death Takes a Holiday," 
"One Family Sings" 4; Light 
Crew 4; Make Up 4; All Other 
Stage Productions 4; Chorus 1, 
2,3,4; Glee Club 4; Talent 
Show 4; Future Teachers of 
America 1. 

David Conrad Clarke 
Panama, Rep. of Panama, 1945 

National Thespians 4; Science 
Oub 1; ROTC 4, Corporal; 
Football (Intra.) 1,2; Stage 
Productions: "Skin of Our 
Teeth" "A"Jrocles- and the 
Lion" 4; Game Usher 3,4; Ad- 
miral Farragut Academy: Foot- 
ball 2; Basketball (Intra.) 2; 
Water Polo 2; Swimmmg (In- 
tra.) 2; Spanish Club; Stamp 
Club; Intramural Sailing; Year- 
book Ad Seller; Rifle Club. 

Nicholas P. Cocks 

Richmond, Virginia, 1945 

Carol Ruth Coffey 

Clinic Assistant 2; Library As- 
sistant 1; ROTC Assistant 4; 
ROTC Sponsor 4, Valentine For- 
mal 4; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; 
Showcase Committee 2,3; Bas- 
ketball (Intra.) 1,2,3; Volley 
Ball (Intra.) 1,2,3,4; Valentine 
Formal Court 3. 

David Joseph Cohen 

New York City, N.Y., 1945 

letterman's Club 3,4; Point of 
View 3; Baseball 2,3,4; Basket- 
ball 1; Golf (Intra.) 3; Para- 
keet 3; Editor 4; Publicity 4; 
Orientation Day Committee 4. 

Nancy Lucinda Combecker 

Somerset, Pennsylvania, 1945 

Future Nurses of America 2,3, 
4; Point of View Club Treas- 
urer 4; United Nations 4; 
Senior Gift 4; Girls' State 3; 
Parakeet Assistant Editor 4; Get 
Acquainted Dance 3; Ticket 
Sales 4; Visitors' Day 4; Na- 
tional Honor Society 4; Other 
School: School Newspaper 1. 

Timothy Lee Conner 

Hot Springs, Arkansas, 194S 

Other School: Montevideo: 
Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity 
Soccer 3. 

Jacqueline Coppenhaver 

Margarita, Canal Zone, 1945 

Other School: Yearbook Ad 
Seller; Get Acquainted Dance 
3; Drill Team. 

Sally C. Cornwell 

Salt Lake City, Utah, 1945 

Fr,;nch Club 3,4; National 
Honor Society 4; Point of View 
Club 4; United Nations 3,4, 
President; Valentine Formal 4; 
Cards and Announcements 4; 
Showcase Committee 4; Class 
Secretary 4; Tennis 4; Assembly 
Committee 4; Girls' State, Gov- 
ernor 3 ; Girls' Nation 3 ; Other 
school: French Club 1,2; G.A.A. 
2; National Honor Society 2; 
Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Club 3; 
Spanish Newspapers 3 ; Sadie 
Hawkins 2; Class Secretary 2; 
School Paper 1,2, Editor; Drama 
Club 1; Volley Ball 1. 

Sally A. Cramer 
Oakland, California, 194! 

Drama Club 3; Future Nurses 
of America I ; Pep Club 1 ; Of- 
fice Assistant 3 ; Junior-Senior 
Prom 3; Basketball (Intra.) 1; 
Volleyball (Intra.) I; Girls' 
State 3; S.A. Alternate I. 

Yvonne Marie Crane 

Anchorage, Alaska, 1945 

French Club 4; Orchestra 4; 
Other School: Orchestra 1,2; 
Library Club I. 

Patricia Carol Crego 

Denver, Colorado, 1945 

GAA 2; Pep 1,2; Library Asst. 2: 
Bowling 2. Field Hockey (Intra.) 4; 
Chorus 2; Usher 2. 

Basketball (Intra.) 4; 
Volley Ball (Intra.) 4; 

Charles A. Crosby 

Ancon, C.Z., 194S 

Awards Ball 4; Football (Intra.) I; Bowling 1; Swimming 
(Intra.) 1; Softball 1; Water Polo 1; Chorus 1. 

Joan Crouch 

Margarita, C.Z., 194S 

Chorus 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,3,4. 

Eleanor Ann Dacus 

Office Asst. 3; Girls' State 3; Audio Visual Sec. 3,4. Wash- 
ington Dr. High School: Drama 1; Pep Club 1; Basketball 1- 
Dance Club 1; Glee Club 1; Talent Show 1. 

Linda Dowe Daniels 
Greenville, Tennessee, 194S 

Drama Club 4; Future Nurses of America 1,4; Pan American 
Club 4; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3. Bridge Club 4; Other School: Majorette 
1,2; Literarv Club 3; Powder-Puff Football 3. 

Charles Owen Darcy 

Reno, Nevada. 194! 

ROTC 4; Zonian, Sports Editor 4; Get Acquainted Dance 4; 
Swimming 4; Holy Cross High School: Class Vice-President 1; 
Football I. 

James A. Davies 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1943. 

Drama 5,4; Stamp Club 5. Awards Ball 4; ROTC 4, First 
Lieutenant; Valentine Formal 4; Senior Ring Committee 4; 
Death Takes a Holiday 4; Red Carnations 3. 

Hilda M. Davila 

Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, 194S 

Office Assistant 3,4; Cards and Announcements 4; Girls' State 
3; Easter Showcase Committee 3. 

Carol Ann Davis 

Mobile, Alabama, 194S 

Cap and Gown Committee 4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 4; LeesviUe 
High School: Spanish Club. Shorthand Club; Library Club; 
Intramural Volley Ball. 

Marysoi Jeanneite Davis 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 194S 

French Club 1,2,4; Pan American Club 4; United Nations Club 
3,4; Fashion Show 1. 

Michael Bick de Camp 

Ohio, 1945 

Other School: Chess Club 1,2; Chemistry Assistant 2; Physics 
Assistant 3; Varsity Wrestling 3; Varsity Swimming 2. 

Sylvia Antoinette DeMers 

Springfield, Missouri 

Drama Club 3,4; Future Nurses of America 1,2; Library Club 
1; Pan American 4. Basketball (Intra.) 1,2; Band 1,2,3.4; 
Future Teachers of America 1,2; Other School: Class Secretary 
2; National Beta Club 1,2. 

Jean Ellen Dobbs 
Coffeyville, Kansas, 194! 

Individual-Senior Picture Committee 4; 
Thanksgiving Showcase 3; Fashion 
Show 3,4; 1962 Carribean Girls' State; 
Other School; Future Teachers of 
America 2; Junior Classical League 1, 
2; National Junior Honor Society 1,2; 
Bridge Club 4. 

Janice Doherty 

Pawtuckett, Rhode Island, 194S 

Drama Club 2; Pep Club 2; Volleyball 
(Intra.) 4; Fashion Show 4. 

Barbara Louise Dombrowsky 

Ancon, C.Z., 194! 

G.A.A. 1,2,3; President 4; Pep 1; 
Counselor's Asst. 2; Office Asst. 3,4; 
Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Sadie Hawkins Dance 
Chairman 2; Senior Activities Chair- 
man 4; Basketball (Intra.) 1,2,4; All 
Stars 1,2; Softball 2; Tennis 4; Volley- 
ball (Intra.) 1,2,3,4; All Stars 1,2,3; 
S.A. Alternate 3; Football Dance 3,4; 
Get Acquainted Dance 4; Inagural Ball 
Chairman 4; Ticket Sales 4; Cheer- 
leader 3,4; Girls' State 3. 

Barbara Jean Donovan 
Wayne, Michigan, 194 J 

Math Club 3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 
Point of View 4; United Nations 3 
Scenery 3; Zonian 4; Chorus 2,4 
Glee Club 4; Graduation Usher 3 
Girls' State 3; Senior Showcase Com- 
mittee 4; Future Teachers of America 
3; Bridge Club 4; Other School; 
Library Club I ; Glee Club 1 ; Basket- 
ball (Intra.) 1. 

Carol Ann Drennen 


Photography 4; Valentine Formal 4. 

Walter Alan Dryja 

Ohio, 1944 

Library Club 2,3; Science Club 1; 
ROTC 2,3, Rank, Corporal; Death 
Takes A Holiday 4. 

Anita Ester F.der 

Margarita, Canal Zone, 194S 

Drama 2,3,4; Pan American 2,4; Pep 
Club 2,3; C.C.C. 2,3,4; Valentine For- 
mal 4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 2; Carni- 
val Dance Court 2.3; Dramatics Usher 
2; Graduation Usher 3. 

William L. Eldridge 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 1944 

Drama Club 2,3,4; Natl. Thespians 
3,4; Science Club 1; ROTC, Sgt.; Drill 
Team 3; Skin of Our Teeth 2; And- 
rocles and the Lion 2; Midsummer's 
Night Dream 2; Arms and the Man 3; 
The Grass Harp 3; Antigone 3; Death 
Takes a Holiday 4; The Lottery 4. 

Carla J. Elich 

"Carla Elch" 
Ancon, Canal Zone, 1945 

Future Nurses of America 1; G.A.A. 
3,4; Point of View 3,4; CC.C. 3; 
Clinic Asst. 1,4; Individual Senior Pics 
Chairman 4; Senior Co-ordinating 4; 
Basketball (Intra.) 1,2,3; Volley Ball 
(Intra.) 1,2,3; S.A. Alternate 3,4. 
S.A. Co-ordinating Comm. 4; Visitor's 
Day 4; Girls' State 3. 

Martha Ann Fahrubel 
Birmingham, Alabama, 194S 

Pep Club 1; Clinic Assistant 1,2; Senior 
Gift Committee 4; Field Hockey 
(Intra.) 3; Volley Ball (Intra.) 4; 
Walter Ballet 2; Dramatics Usher 1,2, 
4. Fashion Show 1,2,3; Showcase Com- 
mittee 2. 

Ethel L. Faulkner 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1944 

Pan American Club 4; CCC. 4; 
Spanish 1,2,3; Water Ballet 4; Chorus 
2,3,4; Glee Club 4; Art Showcase 
Committee 4. 

D. Garth Feeney 
Buffalo, New York 

Lctterman's Club 1,2,3,4; ROTC 2,3,4, 
Private. Jr.-Sr. Prom 3 ; Swimming 
1,2,3,4; Water Polo 1. Boys' State. 

Harvey Curtis Fenimore III 

Laredo, Texas, 194S 

Camera 4; Chess Club 4; Library Club I; Mythology Club I; 
Point of View 3,4; Science Club President 1,2; Physics Asst. 4; 
Chemistry Asst. 3. Awards Ball 2; Senior Showcase 4; Football 
(Intra.) 1; Basketball (Intra.) I; Track (Intra.) 1; Zonian, 
Art Editor 4; S.A. Alternate 1 ; Get Acquainted Dance 3 ; 
Usher 3; Visitor's Day 3,4; Boys' State, Secretary of State 3; 
Other School: Freshman Dance 1 ; Debate Club 1 . Freshman 
Activity Play I. 

Grace E. Figueroa 

G.A.A. 1,2; Pan American 
Ball (Intra.) 1,2. 

Club 1; Swimming 1,2,3; Volley 

Frank Alan Finlason 
Margarita, Canal Zone, 1 94S 

Math Club 2; ROTC 2,3,4; Usher Guard 2; Cap and Gown 4; 
Boys' State 3. 

George Thomas Fitzgerald, Jr. 

Newark, New Jersey, I94S 

Letterman's Club 4; ROTC 2nd Lieutenant; Christmas Formal 
3. Frosh-Soph Frolic 2 ; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3 ; Junior Ring 3 ; 
Individual Senior Pic. 4; Class President 3; Football 4; Basket- 
ball (Intra.) I; Bowling 1; Tennis 1; Track 2-4; Ping Pong 
I; Water Polo 1; Soph. Co-ordinating Comm. 2; Chairman 4. 

Marjorie Frances Flumach 

New York, New York, 194 J 

Drama Club 1,2,4. Library Club 1; Mu Alpha Theta 1,2,3; 
Point of View 3; Library Asst. 1; Girls' State 3. 

Margaret Aileen Flynn 

Ancon, C.Z., 194S 

F.N. A. 1; G.A.A. 3,4; Library 2; Cards and Announcements 
Comm. 4; Basketball (Intra.) 1,2,3,4; Bowling 3; Swimming 
2; Volley Ball (Intra.) 1,3,4; Skin of Ovr Teeth 2. Girls* 
State 3; Inaugural Ball 4; Usher 2; Chorus 1,4; Glee Club 

Martin Charles Forrest 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 1943 

ROTC 3, Sergent. 

Lewis Cotton French 

Margarita, Canal Zone, 194S 

Letterman's Club 1,2,3,4; Freshman Dance Committee 1; Frosh.- 
Soph. Frolic 2. Sadie Hawkins Dance Committee 2; Class Presi- 
dent 2; Class Vice-President 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Canal Zone 
All Stars 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; All Zone Baseball 3; Basketball 
2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; S.A. Representative 1,2,3. 

Gilbert Earl Freund 

Sedalia, Missouri, 194 J 

ROTC 2,3, Captam 4; Drill Team 2,3,4; Usher Guard 2,3,4. 
Cap and Gown Committee 4; Football (Intra.) 2,3; Bowling 
I; Track 4; S.A. Representative 1. 

John WiHiam Frensley 

Reno, Nevada, 194S 

Awards Ball 4; ROTC 4, Sergeant; Rifle Team 4; Basketball 
(Intra.) 3; Track 1; Class Assembly 1,2,3; S.A. Alternate 2; 
S.A. Ticket Sales Committee 2; Boys' State 3. 

Michael Fulop 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 1945 

Math Club 1; Mythology Club 1; Science Club 2; Awards 

Ball 3; Football (Intra.) 1,2,3,4; Basketball (Intra.) 1; Golf 

(Intra.) 2; Swimming (Intra.) 1; Track (Intra.) 1; S.A. 
Alternate 1. 

Funis Grances Friese 

Margarita, Canal Zone, 194S 

Drama Club 4; French Club 2,3,4; G.A.A. 3,4; C.C.C. 4; 
Office Assistant 2; Chemistry Lab Assistant 3; Christmas Formal 
Committee 3; Freshman Dance Committee 1. Sadie Hawkins 
Dance Committee 2; Individual Senior Pictures Committee 4; 
Soph. Co-ordinating Committee 2 ; Basketball (Intra.) 2,3; 
Volley Ball (Intra.) 2,3,4; Death Takes A Holiday 4; N.S.P.A. 
4; Parakeet 4; Get Acquainted Dance Chairman 3. S.A. Repre- 
sentative 2,3; Train Ticket Committee, Chairman 4; Usher 4; 
Orientation Day Committee 4; S.A. Publicity Committee 4; 
Girls' State 3; Showcase Committee 1,2,4. 

Bruce R. Galton 

Baltimore, Maryland, 1945 

Drama Club 1 ; ROTC, Second 
Lieutenant; Usher Guard 2; 
Football; Other School: Debate 

Mickey Jean Garcia 

Arizona, 1945 

Christmas Formal Queen 
Baton Twirling 3,4. 

Jean net e Garner 

Panama, Rep. of Panama, 1945 

Pan American Club 3,4; Drives 
4; Fashion Show 2,3,4. 

Wallace Reid Garrison 
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, 1945 

ROTC, 3,4; Awards Ball 2,3,4; 
Second Lieutenant; Basketball 
4; Boys' State 3. 

Geraldine E. Mitchell 

Panama, Rep, of Panama, 1945 

French Club 3 ; Spanish Club 
); Sec.-Treas.; Volley Ball 
(Intra.) 2; Fashion Show 3. 

Adela M. Geradi 

Panama, Rep. of Panama, 1944 

Pan American Club 2 ; Spanish 
Club 1 ; Christmas Formal 3. 

Richard P. Gerardi 

Panama City, R. of P. 1944 

ROTC 2,3,4, 1st Sergeant; Drill 
Team 2,3,4; Firing Squad 2,3,4; 
Football (Intra.) 1,2; Track 1. 

Sal Gerardi 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 1943 

Letterman's Club 1,2,3,4; Foot- 
ball 1,2,3,4; Football (Intra.) 
1,2; Baseball 3; Basketball 1,2,3; 
Track 1,2,3,4; Track (Intra.) 

Joel Louis Gleason 

New York City, N.Y., 1945 

Camera Club 1,2; Math Club 
3; ROTC 2,3,4, Captain; Usher 
Guard 4; Football (Intra.) 4; 
Basketball (Intra.) 4. 

Orosman A. 



Havan, Cuba, 



American Club 3,4; 




; Basketball (In- 



Romelio O. Gonzalez 
"Romeo, Meyo" 
Panama City, Rep. of Panama 

Pan American Club 4; C.C.C. 4; 
Spanish Club 4; ROTC 4; 
Awards Ball 4; Carnival Dance 
4; Tutor (Spanish) 3. 

Margaret Anne Goulding 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 194S 

Pan American Club 1; C.C.C. 
4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 4; Senior Gift 
Comm. 4; Basketball (Intra.) 4; 
Volley Ball (Intra.) 4; S.A. 
Drives Comm. 4; Carnival 
Dance 4. 

Ellen Douglas Gray 
Washington, D.C., 1945 

French Club 3,4; United Nations Club 5,4. Science 2; Mu 
Alpha Theta 3,4; Chemistry Assistant 3; Showcase Committee 
4; Point of View Club 4; Girls' State 3; Bridge Club 4. 

Lillie Griffin 

Ancon, Canal Zone 

Drama Club 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 4; National Thespians 1,2,3,4 
C.C.C. 4; Christmas Formal Committee 3. Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3 
Volley Ball (Intra.) 3; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 2,3,4 
Dramatics Usher 4; Fashion Show 2; Senior Showcase Commit- 
tee 4; Christmas Showcase 2; Easter Showcase 1; Future 
Teachers of America 3,4. 

Dolores Gregg 

Other School: Future Nurses of America 1; G.A.A. 1. Valen- 
tine Formal Committee 1; Senior Gift Committee 4; Basketball 
(Intra.) 1; Softball 1; Tennis 1; Volley Ball (Intra.) 1; Chorus 
1: American Red Cross Club 1. 

Sandra Diane Halliday 

Oakland, California, 1945 

Jr.-Sr. Banquet Committee 3; Individual Senior Pictures 4; 
Senior Co-ordinating Comm. 4. Band 1,2,3,4; Student Organ 
Guild 3,4; Secretary-Treasurer 4; Girls* State 3. 

Tom L. Hanna 

Margarita, Canal Zone, 1945 

Herschell W. Dempsey 

Anniston, Alabama, 1945 

ROTC 2, Corporal; S.A. Alterate 2. 

Leslie Margaret Hendricks 

Ramsay, I.O.M., Great Britain, 1945 

Drama Club 3; G.A.A. 3,4; Pan American Club 2; Library 
Assistant 1; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm. 3; Senior Activities Comm. 
4; Basketball (Intra.) 2,3,4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 2,3,4. Scene 
Construction 2; Zonian 4; Get Acquainted Dance, Chairman 
4; Orientation Day Usher 4; Dramatics Usher 2,3; Girls' State 3. 

Sarita Isabel Heres 

Panama City, Republic of Panama, 194! 

French Club 1,2,3,4; Mythology Club 3; CC.C. 2,3; United 
Nations Club 3. Office Assistant 2; Chemistry Assistant 3; 
Cap and Gown Comm. 4; Girls' State 3; Zonian Ad Seller 4; 
S.A. Alternate 4; Drives Comm. 4 . 

Bobbye Lou Herrington 

Mebile, Alabama, 1945 

G.A.A. 3,4; Office Assistant 3,4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm. 3; 
Valentine Formal Comm. 4; Junior Ring Comm. 3; Basketball 
(Intra.) 1,2,3,4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 1,2,3,4. S.A. Representa- 
tive 1; Baccalaureate Usher 3; Fashion Show 1; Graduation 
Usher 3. 

Allan Edward Hesters 
Boca Raton, Florida, I94S 

ROTC 2,3,4, 2nd Lieutenant; Christmas Formal Comm. 3; 
Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm. 3; Junior Ring Comm. 5; Cap and 
Gown Comm. 4; Class Vice-President 3; Football 3. Football 
(Intra.) 4; Safety Comm. 1; Visitor's Day 3; Welfare Comm. 1. 

Harry Hidalgo 

Hattisburg, Mississippi, 1 944 

John Michael Hinek 
Ancon, Canal Zone, 1944 

Awards Ball 2,3.4; Football (Intra.) 4. 

Martin Bronston Holmes 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1945 

Letterman's Club 1,2,3, Secretary- 
Treasurer 4; Science Club 2; Senior 
Co-ordinating Committee 4; Football 
3; Football (Intra.) 1,2; Basketball 
(Intra.) I ; Bowling 1,2; Swimming 
1,2,4. Track 4; Track (Intra.) 1; 
Water Polo, Captain 1,2; Wrestling 
2,3,4; Senior Acti\'ities Committee 4; 
Boys' State 3; S.A. Alternate 2,3; S.A. 
Representative 4; Train Ticket Sales 
Committee 4; Visitors' Day Commit- 
tee 4; Glee Club 4. 

Benjamin Horton 

Panama, Republic of Panama 

Football (Intra.) 1,2,3,4. Basketball 1, 
2,3; Basketball (Intra.) 1,2,3; Bowling 
2; Swimming 2,3; Track 1,2,3; Track 
(Intra.) 1,2,3; Water Polo 2,3. 

Marilyn Humma 

Columbus, Ohio, 1945 

Drama Club 4; National Honor So- 
ciety 4; National Thespians 4. Other 
School: Drama Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 
1,2; French Club 1,2; National Honor 
Society 2,3; Dance Committee Chair- 
man 2; Homecoming Dance Committee 
2; Fashion Show 3; Junior- Senior Prom 
Committee 3. 

Ellen R. Hunnicutt 

Dallas, Texas, 1945 

Baccalaureate Usher 3. Graduation 
Usher 5. 

Rose M. Jackson 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1944 

Drama Club I; C.CC. 2,3; Spanish 
Club 1,2,4; Clinic Assistant 1; Basket- 
ball (Intra.) 1 ; Swimming 1 ; Softball 
1,2; Tennis 1; Volley Ball (Intra.) 
1,2. Chorus 4. 

Stephen Anton Jankus 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1943 

Chess Club 4; Football 1; Golf (Intra.) 
1; Water Polo 1. 

Arwin John Janssen 
Vallejo, California, 1944 

Letterman's Club 2; ROTC 2,3,4; 
Rank: Staff Sergeant; Football 2,3; 
Track 1,2. 

George Lawrence Jenkins 

Sosrnn, Massachusetts 

Gail Leslie Jenrich 
Utica, New York, 194! 

Pan American Club 2; Pep Club 2,3; 
Volley Ball (Intra.) 4. Latin Club 4. 

John T. Joyner 

Ancon, Canal Zone 

Camera Club 1,2; Pan American Club 
4; CC.C. 4; Stamp Club 4; ROTC, 
Sergeant; Baseball. 

Kathryn A. Kascher 

Rochester, New York, 1946 

Chess Club 1,4; Camera Club 1; 
Mythology Club 1; Pep Club 4; 
C.C.C 4; Library Club 1; Senior Show- 
case Committee 4; Baseball (Intra.) I; 
Swimming 1,4; Tennis 4; Volley Ball 
(Intra.) I: Parakeet 4; Parakeet Ad 
Seller I ; Carnival Dance 1 ; Talent 
Show 1 ; Bridge Club 4. Irondequoit 
High School: Chess Qub 2,3; Pep 
Club 2,3; Water Ballet 4; Spanish 
Club 2,3; Basketball (Intra.) 2,3; 
Swimming 2,3; Tennis 2,3; Water 
Ballet 2,3; Debate Club 2,3. News- 
paper 2,3. 

Ann Georgie Kaska 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 194 J 

Pan American Club 1,2,3,4; CC.C. 
2,3,4; Office Assistant 1,2,3,4; Jr.-Sr. 
Banquet 3; Cap and Gown Committee 
4; Dramatics Usher 3; Future Teachers 
of American 1,2,3,4. 

Roger ^iiliam Kat 

Panama City, Republic of Panama, 1945 

Math Club 1; Science Club 3; Awards Ball 4; Usher Guard 4; 
ROTC 2,3,4, 2nd Lieutenant. Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3; Senior 
Co-ordinating Comm. 4; Football (Intra.) 2; Basketball 3; 
Ping Pong 2; Boys' State 3; Game Usher 4. 

Laurie Jo Keegan 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 1944 

F.N. A. 2; Library Assistant 1; Ticket Sales Comm. 4; Swim- 
ming (Intra.) 4; Swimming 4. 

Theodore S. Keggin; 

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 1944 

Football (Intra.) 1,2; Basketball 
(Intra.) 1,2. 

(Intra.) 1,2. Volley Ball 

Richard B. Keigley 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 194 5 

Science Club 2, Vice-President 3; ROTC 2,3, Corporal; Track 
4; Football (Intra.) 3; Boys' State 3; S.A. Representative 3; 
Band, 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 4. 

Mary Lee Kelly 

Balboa, Canal Zone, 194S 

National Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4; Counselor's Assistant 
2; Fashion Show 1. F.T.A. 1; Girls' State 3; Freshman Show- 
case Comm. 1; Biology Showcase Comm. 2; Audio- Visual 

Chris W. Keys 

Geneva, Nebraska, If 44 

Nina M. Kimball 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 1 944 

Future Nurses of America 1,2,3; Pan American Club 2,3; Pep 
Club 2; Photography 4; Stamp Club 4; Office Asst. 3; Bowling 
4; Tennis 4. Volley Ball (Intra.) 4; Fashion Show 1. 

Charlett L. Kissling 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1944 

Science Club 1,2; Basketball (Intra.) 
Ball (Intra.) 2; Fashion Show 1,2,3,4; 

1 ; Bowling 1 ; Volley 
Talent Show 1. 

Kim Paul Klages 

Highland Park, Michigan, 1943 

Usher Guard 4. 

Kenneth H. Kline 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1945 

Camera Club 1,2; Photography 1,2; Freshman Dance Court 1 
Basketball (Intra.) 1; Bowling 1. N.S.P.A. 3; Parakeet 3 
Drives Comm. 1,2; S.A. Representative 2; Train Comm. 1,4 
Boys' State 3. 

Allen Edward Krapfl 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1944 

Camera Club 4; C.C.C. 1,2; Football (Intra.) 1,2,4. 

Sandra Lee Kuns 

Logansport, Indiana, 1 945 

French 4; Other School: French Club; Pep Club. 

Mary Paulette La Grave 

Mobile, Alabama, 1944 

Other School: Glee Club; Future 
Teachers of America; Junior 
Auxiliary; Religious Club; 
Spanish Club; Latin Club; De- 
bate Club; Science Club; Dance 
Committee; Banquet Committee. 

Daniel H. Lair 

St. Paul, Minnesota, 1945 

Drama Club 2,3; Football 2,5; 
Basketball 3; Baseball 1,2.3,4; 
Bowling 1,2,3,4; Sophomore 
Class Play 2; Junior Class Play 
3; Student Council Representa- 
tive 2; Showcase Committee 3,4. 

Marianela Lam 

Panama City, Panama, 1945 

Pan American Club 1,2,3,4; 
CCC. 2,3,4; Spanish Club I; 
Counselor's Assistant 2 ; Office 
Assistant 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1; 
Carnival Dance 1,2,3,4; Fashion 
Show 1 . 

McNair A. Lane 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 1 944 

Lettermen's Club 1 ; Football 
(Intra.) 4; Baseball 1; Bowling 
I; Track 2; Water Polo I. 

Patricia Ann Lawyer 

Honesdale, Pennsylvania, 


Drama Club 3; Freshman Dance 
I (Queen) ; Sadie Hawkins 
Dance 2; Basketball 3,4; Pep 
aub 1; Volley Ball 4; Get Ac- 
quainted Dance 4; Inaugural Ball 
4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Baccalaurate 
Usher 3; Dramatics Usher 4; 
Graduation Usher 3. 

Michael Edward LeBrun 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 1945 

Camera Club 1 ; Letterman's 
Club 3,4; ROTC 4. Second 
Lieutenant; Christmas Formal 
Committee 3 ; Senior Activi- 
ties Committee 4; Football (In- 
tra.) 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; 
Junior Varsity 1,2; Swimming 
(Intra.) 1; Track 3,4; Track 
(Intra.) I; Water Polo 1; S.A. 
Alternate 4; Get Acquainted 
Dance Committee 4; Inaugural 
Ball Committee 4. 

Richard John LeVee 

Ancon, C.Z., 194! 

Pep Club 2; ROTC 2,3,4, 

Christmas Formal 
Comm. 2; Freshman Picnic 1; 
Junior Ring 3 ; Individual Senior 
Pic. Comm. 4; Football 2; Foot- 
ball (Intra.) 1,2; Bowling 2,3; 
Tennis 1,2; Ping Pong 3; Track 
(Intra.) 2,3; Parakeet 3; S.A. 
Drives 4; Football Dance 4. 

Mary L. Lerchen 

C.Z., 1945 

Drama Club 3; F.N. A. 1; Math 
Club 2; Freshman Dance 1; 
Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3 ; Teafjouse of 
the August Moon 2; S.A. Co- 
ordinating Comm. 4; Orchestra 
2,3,4; A Cup of Tea 2; Zonian 
4; Usher 3; Visitors' Day 3; 
Dramatics Usher 3; Girls' State 
3; National Honor Society 4. 

Eugene W. Linfors 

Ancon, C.Z., 1945 

Math Club 1; Mu Alpha 2,3; 
National Honor Society 3,4; 
Chemistry Assistant 3; ROTC 
2,3,4, Major; Honor Guard 4; 
Rifle Team 2,3; Jr.-Sr. Prom 
Comm. 3 ; Valentine Formal 
Comm. 3 ; Cap and Gown 
Comm. 4; Sadie Hawkins Dance 
2; Individual Senior Pic. Comm. 
4; Senior Gift Comm. 4; Class 
President 1,4; Football (Intra.) 
1,4; Co-ordinating Comm. 2; 
S.A. Representative 1,2,3; Dance 
Band 2; Boys' State 3; Boys' 
Nation 3; Graduation Marshall 
3; Baccalaureate Marshall 3; 
Talent Show 3 ; Audio Visual 
3; Latin Club 4. 

Jane Ann Lippincott 

Pittsfield, Illinois, 1945 

Library Club 4; National Honor 
Society 4; Pep Club 3; Science 
Club 3; F.T.A. 4; Clinic Assist- 
ant 4; Senior Gift Comm. 4; 
Volley Ball (Intra.) 3,4; Chorus 
4. Other Schools: Library As- 
sistant 1 ; Office Assistant 1 ; 
G.A.A. 1,2; Volley Ball (Intra.) 
1; Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Qub 
2; F.T.A. 2; School Plays 1; 
Girls Club 2; Bowling (Intra.) 
2; Softball (Intra.) 2. 

Prisciila Isabel Lloyd 

Ancon, C.Z., 1944 

Pan American Club 1,2,3,4; 
CCC. 3,4. 

Julie Ann Lockhart 

Milledgville, Georgia, 1945 

Pan American Club 4; Pep Club 
2; United Nations Club 4; 
Fashion Show 4; Girls' State 3. 
Other School: Latin Club 1; 
Science Club 1. 

Bruce Edward Lovelady 

Ancon, C.Z., 194S 

ROTC 2,3; Firing Squad 5; Christmas Formal Comm. 3; Senior 
Ring Comm. Chairman 4; Football (Intra.) 1,2,4. Baseball 4; 
Basketball (Intra.) 1,2,4; Bowling (Intra.) 1,2,4; Golf (Intra.) 
2,4; Swimming (Intra.) 4; Track 4; Track (Intra.) 1,2,4; 
Ping Pong 1,4; Death Takes a Holiday 4; N.^.P.A. 3; Parakeet 
3'. S.A. Alternate 1,2; Glee Club 4; Talent Show 4; Bridge 
Club 4. 

Eddie Lynne Lowande 

Panama, R.P., 194S 

Library Assistant 1; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3; Basketball (Intra.) 
2,4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 2,4; Baccalaurate Usher 3; Fashion 
Show I; Graduation Usher 3; Thanksgiving Showcase 2. 

Maria G. Lowe 


Mexico City, Mexico 1943 

Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Library Club 3; Pan American 1,2,3,4; 
Christmas Formal Court 3. Frosh.-Soph. Frolic 1; Jr.-Sr. Prom 
3; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3; Individual Senior Pic. Comm. 4; Basket- 
ball (Intra.) 1,2,3,4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 1,2,3,4; Football 
Dance Comm. 3; Get Acquainted Dance 3; Orientation Day 
Usher 2; Chorus 1,2,3; Other School: Baton Twirler 3; North 
Carolina Riding Club 2. 

John Howell Lubera 
Panama, R.P. 

Marlene Mary Luhr 

Ancon, C.Z., I94S 

F.T.A. 2,3,4. Point of View Club 3; Clinic Assistant 3; Library 
Assistant 1; Girls' State 3. 

Roderick Norman Macdonell 

Ancon, C.Z., I94S 

Basketball (Intra.) 3,4; Track 3,4. 

Isabel MacKenzie 

Ancon, C.Z., 1945 

Chorus 1; Drama Club 2; Basketball (Intra.) 2. 

Morris F. Maduro 

Panama, R.P. 

ROTC 2. Universal Tape Network-Sect.; RCA Radio Institute 
Club; Slide Rule Club 3; Ham Radio League; American Radio 
Relay League; Radio Club 3; "Club Estudianti"; Chorus 2. 

Margaret Ellen Mahoney 

Margarita, C.Z., 1945 

Drama Club 2,3; GAA 2,3,4; National Honor Society -3,4; 
Pan American 1; Point of View 3.4. United Nations 3,4; 
Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; Senior Activities 
Comm. 4; Basketball (Intra.) 2,3,4; Swimming 1,2,3, Captain 
4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 2,3; S.A. Alternate 2; S.A. Representa- 
tive 3; Usher 2,3; Future Teachers of America 3,4. Bridge 
Club 4; Secretary-Treasurer 4; Latin Club Secretary-Treasurer 
4; Dramatics Usher 1,2,3,4; Girls' State 3; Biology Showcase 2. 



inda Sue Mallahan 
hurst, Illinois, 1945 

Chess Club 1,2; Mythology Club 2; National Honor Society 
3,4; Point of View 2. S A. Alternate 1,3; Band 3,4; Chorus 3; 
Glee Club 2; Orchestra 1,2. 

Elizabeth Willins Mallory 

New River, North Carolina, 194 5 

GAA 1,2, Recorder 3, Vice-President 4; Math Club 2; Mu 
Alpha Tlieta 2; National Honor Society 3,4; ROTC Sponsor 4; 
Jr.-Sr. Banquet, Co-chairman 3; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; Class 
Secretary 2; Sophomore Co-ordinating Comm. 2. Basketball 
(Intra.) 1.2; All Stars 1; Volley Ball (Intra.) 1,2; All Stars 
1; Band 2; S.A. Secretary 4; Usher, NHS Assembly 3; S.A. 
Alternate 1; S.A. Representative 2,3; Football Dance 3. 
Inaugural Ball 3; Welfare Comm. 3; Orchestra 1,2,3; Bacca- 
laurate Marshall 3; Cheerleader 3,4; Graduation Marshall 3; 
Graduation Usher 3; Girls' State 3; Girls' Nation 3. Freshman 
Dance (Court) 1; Showcase Comm. 2. 

Diane Catherine Malinowski 


Washington, D.C., 194 5 

Previous School: Class Secretary 2; Basketball 1; Drama Club 
3; BHS: Volley Ball 3. 

Jerry Mann 
Philadelphia, Penn., I94S 

l.etterman's Club 1,2,4; ROTC 2,4; 
Swimming 1,2,4. Swimming (Intra.) 
1,2,4; Water Polo 1,2; S.A. Alter- 
nate 2,4; Talent Show 4; GMA Best 
Platoon 3; Best Company 5. 

Dallas H. Manning Jr. 

Colon, R.P., 194 5 

Drama Club 4; Natl. Thespians 3.4; 
Football 3; Football (Intra.) 1,2; 
Basketball (Intra.) 1,2; Bowling 1; 
Gi-tfss Harp 3; Death Takes a Holiday 
4; Shop Assistant 2,4. 

Paulette Maria Manno 

Somerville, New Jersey, 194S 

Other School: Substitute Cheerleader 
1,2; Art 2; School Paper 2; Poster and 
Decoration Comm. 1. 

J. Douglas Marti 

Ancon, C.Z., 1945 

Science Club 1,2; ROTC, Staff Sgt. 4; 
Frosh.-Soph. Frolic 1 ; Individual Senior 
Pic. 4; Football (Intra.) 1,2; Basket- 
ball (Intra.) 1,2; Swimming (Intra.) 
1,2,3; Golf (Intra.) 1,2; Bowling 1,2; 
Softball 1,2. Track (Intra.) 1,2,4; 
Water Polo 1,2,3,4; Visitors' Day 4. 

Tommy Martin 

Durant, Oklahoma, 1944. 

Spanish Club 1,2; ROTC Exec. Sgt. 4; 
Awards Ball 2,3; Usher Guard 2,3. 

Kerry M. McCoy 
Altona, Pennsylvania, 1945 

Pep Club 2; Point of View 3; Awards 
Ball 4; ROTC, Sponsor 4; Jr.-Sr. Prom 
3; Valentine Formal 4; Sadie Hawkins 
Dance (Court) 2; Senior Co-ordinat- 
ing Comm. 4; Basketball (Intra.) 1; 
Volley Ball (Intra.) 1,2,3; Publicity 
Comm. 4; Parakeet 4; Fashion Show 
1; Girls' State 3. 

Audrey Lynette McGee 

Townsville, Australia, 1946 

Drama Club 3,4; FNA 4; Pep 2,5; 
Clinic Assistant 4; Basketball (Intra.) 
4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 4; Arms and 
the Man 3; Grass Harp 3; Chorus 

Barbara M. McKenna 

Colon, Republic of Panama, 1944 

FNA 1,3,4; Pep 2; Clinic Assistant 3; 
Field Hockey (Intra.) 4; Volley Ball 
(Intra.) 4; Christmas Showcase 1. 

Richard McKiernan 

"Mac" or "Dick" 
Kansas City, 1945 

Pan American 4; Science 2; Basketball 
(Intra.) 2. 

Patricia Irene Meriwether 

Ancon, Canal Zone 

Drama Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary-Trea- 
surer 3, Secretary 4; Natl. Thespians 
3,4; Pan American 1,2,3,4; CC.C. 
3,4; Counselors Assistant 2; Office 
3,4; Senior Ring Committee 4; Girls' 
State 3; Showcase Committee 2; "Mid- 
sum mfr Ni,^hf's Dream'* 2; Zonian 
Ad Sellers 2,4; Dramatics Usher 2,3,4. 

Gary Craig Meyer 

Santa Anna, California, 1945 

Drama Club 4; ROTC 2, Rifle Team 
2; Usher Guard 2; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 
3 ; Junior Ring Comm. 3 ; Senior Co- 
ordinating Comm. 4; Football (Intra.) 
1,2,3,4; Bowling 1,2; Golf Intra.) 1; 
Swimming 2,3,4; Softball 1; Tennis 
1; Ping Pong 2,3; Water Polo 1,2,3,4; 
S.A. Alternate 2; Visitors' Day 3. 

Dianne R. Michel 

Pierre, South Dakota. 1945 

Drama Club 3; S.A. Alternate 3; S.A. 
Assembly Comm. 2; Dramatics Usher 
3; Fashion Show 1. 

Nancy Ann Morency 

Ancon, C.Z., 194S 

Clinic Assistant i; ROTC Sponsor 4; Swimming I; Volley Ball 
(Intra.) 1,2,3,4; Zonian 4; Cheerleader 2,3, Captain 4. Girls' 
State 3. 

Gary M. Morgan 

Los Angeles, Calif., 1945 

Chess 2; Awards Ball 2,3; ROTC Sgt. 2,3; Usher Guard 2,3; 
Cap and Gown 4; ROTC Band 2,3; Orchestra 2; Game Usher 

Margaret Elizabeth Morris 

Wilmington, N.C., I94S 

FNA 1; NHS Sec. 3,4; Pan American Treas. 2; Chemistry 
Assistant 4; Senior Activities 4; J.-Sr. Banquet Chairman 3; 
Senior Co-ordinating Sec. 4; Visitor's Day Chairman 4; Or- 
chestra 1,2,3,4. 

Richard Farrell Morse 

Glendale, Calif.; 194! 

William Eugene Mounts 

Ancon, C.Z., 1944 

Letterman's Club 4; ROTC 2,3; Rank: Corporal; Showcase 
Comm. 2,3; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3; Valentine Formal 4; 
Jr. Ring 3; Boys' State 3; Football 2,3,4; Football (Intra.) 1; 
Baseball 4; Golf (Intra.) 1,2; Swimming (Intra.) 1; Ping Pong 
1; Water Polo 1; S.A. Alternate 3; Football Dance 3,4; S.A. 
Representative 4; Band 1. 

William Harry Munyon 

Panama, R.P., 1945 

Camera Club I; Point of View Club 3; Drill Team 2,3; Firing 
Squad 2,3; Honor Guard 2,3; ROTC 2,3, Company Com- 
mander 4; Rifle Team 2,3,4; Junior Ring 3; Cards and 
Announcements 4; Freshman Dance Committee 1; Football 
(Intra.) 1,2; Basketball (Intra.) I; Bowling 1; Golf (Intra.) 1; 
Softball 1; Track (Intra.) 1,2; Ping Pong I; Mechanical 
Drawing Showcase 1,2; Science Exhibit 3; Sophomore Show- 
case 2. 

Armida Carmen Nagy 

Panama, R.P.. 1945 

Drama Club 4; Library Club 2,4; Office Assistant 5; Jr.-Sr. 
Banquet Comm. 3; S.A. Representative 2; Usher 3; Visitor's 
Day 2. 

James T. Napier 

Cardiff, Wales, 194S 

Camera Club 1; Chess Club 2; National Thespians 1. Photog- 
raphy Club 1; Color Guard 3; ROTC 2,3,4, Sergeant; Christ- 
mas Formal Comm. 3; Senior Gift Comm. 4; Track 4; Skin 
of Our Teeth 2; Androcles and the Lion 2; Talent Show 4. 
Jr.-Sr. Frolic 3; Showcase Comm. Chairman 3. 

John A. Nehon 
Atlanta, Georgia, 1945 

Chess Club 3; ROTC 2,3,4, Captain; Awards Bali 3,4. 

Pamela Winstead Newberry 

Washington, North Carolina, 1944 

ROTC Assistant 4; Senior Co-ordinating Comm. 4; Aiken 
High School: French Club 1,2,3; F.N. A. Vice-President 3 
Science Club 1,2,3; Library Club President 1,2, Secretary 3 
Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3; Junior Class Play Student Director 
Yearbook 1 ,2,3 ; Student Council 1 ,2,3 ; Chorus 1,2 ; Cheer- 
leader 1,2; Fashion Show 1,2,3. 

Maryann Nita 

Ancon, C.2., 194 5 

F.N.A. 1,2; Library Club 1,2; Library Assistant 1,2,3; Christinas 
Formal Comm. 3; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; Basketball (Ihtra,) 
1,2; Field Hockey 2. Volley Ball 1,2,3; S.A. Alternate 3; Ticket 
Sales Comm. 4; S.A. Representative 1,2; Usher 3; Graduation 
Usher 3; Senior Activities 4. 

Joanne M. Nitz 

Brooklyn, New York, 194S 

Chorus 2,3,4. 

Alfred Elderfield Osborne, 

"Al, Oz, Gadzooks" 
Panama, R.P., 1944 


Frederick Arthur Orr 

Augusta, Georgia, 1944 
Awards Ball 3; Honor Guard 
3; ROTC, Sergeant 4; Rifle 
Team 3; Usher Guard 3; Frosh- 
Soph. Frolic 3 ; Senior Ring 
Comm. 4; Drives Comm. 4. 
Admiral Farragut Academy: 
Varsity Foorball; Honor Guard; 
Drill Team; Rifle Team; Mono- 
gram Club; Color Guard; In- 
tramural Sailing, Bo/sn Mate; 
Baseball; Intramural Swimming; 
Intramural Basketball. 

Letterman's Club 4; Math Club 
1,2; Mu Alpha Theta 2,4; Na- 
tional Honor Society 3,4; Pan 
American Club 2 ; QC.Q 3 
Stamp Club Vice-President 1 
President 2; Physics Assistant 4 
ROTC 2,3,4, 1st Lieutenant 
Drill 1 eam 3 ; Firing Squad 3 
Usher Guard 2; Football (In- 
tra.) 1; Basketball 3,4; Basket- 
ball (Intra.) 1,2,3,4; Track 
(Intra.) 1; Ping Pong 1,2,4; 
Volley Ball (Intra.) 2; S.A. 
Vice-President 3; S.A. President 
4; Visitors' Day Comm. 3 
Glee Club 2,3,4; Orchestra 1 
2,3; Baccalaurate Marshall 3 
Talent Show 2,3; School T.V. 
Prograni 2; Basketball J.V. 1,2 
Graduation Marshall 3 ; Dixie- 
land Band 3; Dance Band 1,2; 
Boys' State 3, Governor; Bridge 
Oub 4. 

John Oster 
Lakewood, Ohio, 1944 

Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Amherst 
Summer Music Center: Wrote 
one orchestral score; Four per- 
sonal performances at solo night 

Robert Chet Panzer 

Queens, N.Y. 

Letterman's Club 4; ROTC, 
2nd Lieutenant; Usher Guard 
2,3,4; Football (Intra.) 2; Bas- 
ketball (Intra.) 4; Track 1,4; 
Track (Intra.) 1,2. 

John F. Paterson II 

Ancon, C.Z., 194i 

Chess Club 1,2; French Club 1, 
2; Math Club 1,2,4; Science 
Club 2; ROTC 2,3,4, 2nd Lieu- 
tenant; ROTC Band 2; Jr.-Sr. 
Prom Comm. 3; Valentine For- 
mal Comm. 3; Senior Gift 
Comm. 4; Senior Co-ordinating 
Comm. 4; Football (Intra.) 1, 
2; Bowling 1,2; Swimming (In- 
tra.) 1,2; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Ping 
Pong 1,2; Water Polo 1,2; Boys' 
State 3; Audio Visual Club 3,4; 
S.A. Alternate 3 ; Drives Comm. 
1,2; S.A. Co-ordinating Comm. 
4; Visitors' Day 4; Band 1,2. 

Edgar Allan Paulk 

Panama, R.P., 1944 

Camera Club 4; Photography 
Club 4. 

Joseph Winston Peddrick 

Washington, D.C., 1944 

Chess Club 3; Math Club 2; 
Mu Alpha Theta 2 ; ROTC 
Awards Ball 2,3,4; Drill Team 
2,3; Firing Squad 2,3; Rank: 
Captain; Commander of B Com- 
pany; Usher Guard 2,3; Jr.-Sr. 
Prom 3; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3; 
Junior Ring Comm. 3; Class 
Vice-President 4; Class Secre- 
tary 3; Bowling 1; The Grass 
Harp 3 ; S-A. Alternate 1 ; Vis- 
itor's Day 4; Orientation Day 
Comm. 4; Boys' State 3; Math 
Showcase 2. 

Thomas Mark Perantie 

Ancon, C.Z., 1945 

Letterman's Club 3, President 
4j National Honor Society 3, 
Vice-Pres 4; Chemistry Asst. 3; 
Senior Activities 4 ; Football 
(Intra.) 1,2,3.4; Baseball 3,4; 
Basketball 3,4; Basketball (In- 
tra.) 1,2; Tennis 1,2,3; S.A. 
Alternate 2,3; S.A. Representa- 
tive 1,4. 

Arliene Elizabeth Peterson 

Canby, Minnesota, 1945 

Drama Club 4; Basketball 
(Intra.) 4; Swimming 4; Vol- 
ley Ball (Intra.) 4; Lights for 
Play 4; Other School: Fresh- 
man Dance 1; Junior Dance 3; 
Library Club 1 ; National Honor 
Society 3 ; Science 1 ; Spanish 
Club 3 ; Library Assistant 1 ; 
Chemistry Assistant 3; Softball 

Frank Patrick Peterson 
"Tropical Pete" 

CCC 2; Football 1,2; Swim- 
ming 1 ; Swimming (Intra.) 2, 
3; Track (Intra.) 2; Track 1, 
2,3; Water Polo 3; Band 1,2; 
Orchestra 4; Dixie Land Band 
3,4; Carnival Dance 1,2,3. 

Alice Louise Phelan 

Ancon, C.Z., 1945 

French Club 2; Pep Club 2; 
Clinic Assistant 2. 

Russell Allan Potter 

Ancon, C.Z., 1945 

Letterman's Club 2,3,4; Library 
Assistant 1; ROTC 2,3; 2nd 
Lieutenant 4; Christmas Forma! 
3 ; Sadie Hawkin's Dance, Lil 
Abner 2; Football 1,2,3,4; Canal 
Zone All-Stars 3,4; Baseball 2, 
3,4; All Zone Baseball 3,4; 
Water Polo 2; S.A. Representa- 
tive 4. 

Dawn Powell 
Washington, D.C., 


Drama Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 1; National Thespians 3,4, Secre- 
tary-Treasurer I; Library Assistant 1; Office Assistant 2,3,4; 
Audio Visual 4; "The Thread That Runs So True", "Christmas 
Pageant" 1; Parakeet 4; Other School; Welcoming Club 2; 
Student Guide 2; Discussion Group 2. 

Catherine Elizabeth Price 

Margarita, C.Z., 194S 

Pan American Club I; CCC 2,3,4; Office Assistant 4; Jr.-Sr. 

Banquet 4; Valentine Formal 4; Senior Gift 4; Basketball 

(Intra.) 4. Volleyball (Intra. )4; Drives Comm. 4; Carnival 
Dance 4. 


Douglas Michael Priester 

"Big Doug" 
Ancon, C.Z., 194! 

Letterman's Club 1,2,3,4; CCC 4; 
3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4. 

Football 1,2,3,4; All-Stars 

Alfred Anthony Quiros 
San Jose, Costa Rica, 1945 

Jorge Victor Quiros 

Ancon, C.Z., 1943 

CCC 2; "Our Town". 

Linda Rager 
Washington, D.C., 


G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Counselor's Assistant 1,3; Basketball (Intra.) 
1,2,3,4; All Stars 1,2. Bowling 1; Volleyball (Intra.) 1,2,3,4; 
All Stars 1,2. 

Merry Layne Rauscher 

Austin, Texas, 194S 

Point of View Club 3,4. Other School: An Club 1; Tennis 

Team 1; Rifle Team 1; Annua! Newspaper Staff 1; Halloween 

Dance Committee 1 ; Mixed Chorus 1 ; "Nonetto" 1 ; Safety 
Patrol I. 

Perry Mason Raymond 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1945 

Drama Club 1; ROTC 2,3,4, Sergeant; Football (Intra.) 1,2; 
Bowling 1. S.A. Alternate 2; S.A. Representative 1. 

Carol Lynn Remele 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 194S 

Drama Club 4; Library Club 2; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; National 
Honor Society 4; Valentine Formal Committee 4; Death Takes 
a Holiday, Make Up Committee 4; Zonian Staff 4; Co-ordi- 
nating Committee 4; Glee Club 4; Bridge Club 4, President. 
Girls' State 3. 

Magale Marie Reyes 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1945 

Pan American Club Secretary 3,4; C.C.C. 2,3,4; Spanish Club 
1; Basketball (Intra.) 1,2; Chorus 1,.2; Carnival Dance 3,4; 
Other School: Charm Club 2; Red Cross 1,2. Baton Twirling 
Club 1,2; Get Acquainted Dance Committee 1,2. 

Kafa«l Reyes 
David, Republic of Panama, 1945 

Camera Club 1; Pan American Club 4; Science Club 4; CC.C. 
4; Drill Team 2,3; Christmas Formal 3; Firing Squad 3; Football 
1,2. Bowling 1,2; Swimming (Intra.) 2; Softball 1,2; Batket- 
ball (Intra.) 1,2; Ping Pong 1,2; Talent Show 4. 

Peter James Richard 

Ancon, Canal Zone 

Camera Club 3; ROTC Lieutenant 4; Rifle Team 2; Usher 
Guard 2,4; Senior Co-ordinating Committee 4; Football (Intra.) 
3,4; Parakeet 3; Boys' State 3. Wrestling 3,4. 

Susan Lynn Roberts 

Miami, Florida, 1945 

French 2,3; Pep Club 2; Swimming 
2,3; Vollevball (Intra.) 2,3,4; Latin 
Club 4; Audio Visual 3. 

Carol Anne Rodibaugh 

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 1945 

Pep Club 2; Christmas Formal Court 
3; Frosh.-Soph. Frolic 2; Jr.-Sr. Prom 
3; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3; Sadie Hawkins 
Dance 2; Junior Ring 3; Basketball 
(Intra.) 4. 

Jiima Alixia Rodriguez 
Panama, R.P., 1944 

C.C.C. 4; Fashion Show 3,4. 

Donna Sue Rose 

Thomasville, Georgia, 1944 

Valentine Formal 4; Basketball (Intra.) 
4; Girls' State 3; Other Schools: 
Future Homemakers of America 1,2; 
Future Teachers of America 1,2; 
Drama Club 2, Pep Club 1; Science 
Club 1 ; Chosen Cheerleader for CHS 
3; Student Council Representative 1. 

Roger Curtis Rowe 

New York, N.Y., 1945 

ROTC Color Guard 3; Usher Guard 2. 

Annette Therese Rybicki 

Ancon, C.Z., 194 5 

Future Nurses of America 2, Treasurer 
3, President 4; Math Club 2,3,4; Mu 
Alpha Theta, Secretary-Treasurer 3,4; 
National Honor Society 3,4; Counse- 
lor's Assistant 2; Christmas Formal 
3; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3; Senior Activi- 
ties 4; Co-ordinating Comm. 4; S.A. 
Representative 4; Usher 4; Chorus 1; 
Glee Club 2,3,4; Baccalaurate Marshall 
3; Baccalaurate Usher 3; Graduation 
Usher 3; Girls' State 3. 


Annabelle Sanchez 

Ancon, C.Z., 1945 

F.N. A. 4; Pan American Club 3,4; 
C.C.C. 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1; Basket- 
ball (Intra.) 1; Volley Ball (Intra.) 
1; Pan American Day 3; Carnival 
Dance 1,2,3,4; Fashion Show 1. 

Anne Virginia Sasso 

Panama, R.P., 1944 

Drama Club I; Pan American Club 2; 
Science Club 1 ; Spanish Club 1 ; 
Drives Comm. 2; Chorus 1,2,4. 

Myrna L. Sasso 
Margarita, C.Z., 1945 

Pan American Club 2; Ticket Sales 
Comm. 4. 

Norman Wahl Schaeffner 
Coffeyville, Kansas, 1945 

ROTC 4, 2nd Lieutenant. 

William Robert Schmidt 

Margarita, C.Z., 1945 


amp Club 

1^4; Chemist 

ry Assistant 


Bowling ( 

Intra.) I. 





m \ 




r"^"-^ ^ 






R ' 

\\ ' -' 


-■-.-ji-k,- J-- ■■••■ 

Patricia E. Scott 

Chicago, Illinois, 1945 

Other School: Latin Club 1,2; History 
Oub 2. 

Curtis Daniel Searcy 

Panama, R.P., 1944 

Letterman's Club 2,3,4; Football 1; Track 1,2,3,4; Mechanical 
Drawing Showcase 3- 

John Alexander Searcy II 
Port of Spain, li/4} 

Letterman's Club 2,3,4; Football (Intra.) 1. 
Track (Intra.) 1,2,4. 

Track 1,2,3,4; 

Paul Raphael Searcy 
Tallahassee, Florida, 194 5 

Chess 3,4; Math Club 4; Science Club 3,4; ROTC, Sergeant; 
Glee Club 3,4; Boys' State 3. 

Richard Lee Selby 

Margarita, C.Z., 1945 

Chess Club 1,2; Drama Club 2,3,4; Math Club 1; Science Club 
1,2,4. Stamp Club 1,2,4, President; Physics Assistant 4; Chem- 
istry Assistart 3; Awards Ball 2,3,4; Drill Team 3; Honor 
Guard 4; ROTC 2,3,4, Captain; Christmas Formal 3, Co- 
Chairman; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3; Sadie Hawkins 
Dance 2; Senior Ring Comm. 4. Swimming 1; Arms and the 
Man 3; Safety Comm. 4; Welfare Comm. 4; Chorus 1; Game 
Usher 4; Boys' State 3; Stamp Club Showcase 2; Math Club 
Showcase 2; National Honor Society 4. 

Kaye Louise Sergeant 

Ancon, C.Z., 1944 

Drama Club 1,5. G.A.A. 3,4; Math Club 1,2,3,4; Mu Alpha 
Theta 2,3,4; Natl. Thespians 3,4, Vice-President; National 
Honor Society 3,4, President; Christmas Formal 3; Sadie 
Hawkins Dance 2; Class Vice-President 2; Cards and Announce- 
ments Comm. 4, Chairman; Organ Guild 2,3, Vice-Dean 4, 
Dean; Point of View Club 3, Secretary 4; Accordian Band 
2,3, Vice-President 4, President; Basketball (Intra.) 1,2,3,4; 
Bowling 1,3; Ping Pong 1,2,3; Volley Ball (Intra.) 1,2,3,4; 
Fashion Show Organist 3; Girls' State 3, Secretary of State; 
Assembly Comm. 2,4, Chairman; Chorus Accompanist 2,3,4; 
Orchestra 1,3. 

Betty Shaffer 
Panama, R.P., 1942 

G.A.A. 3,4; Senior Ring Comm. 4. Tennis '3,4; Basketball 
(Intra.) 3,4; Softball 3; Volley Ball (Intra.) 3,4; Drives Comm. 
3,4; Get Acquainted Dance 3; G.A.A. Dance 4; Other School: 
Basketball 3; Basketball (Intra.) 3; Softball 2. Volley Ball 
(Intra.) 3. 

H. Wendell Shepard 

Mu Alpha Theta 2; ROTC Band 2,5; Senior Activities Comm. 
4; Boys' State 3; Dixieland Band 2,5,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Glee 
Club 2,4; Zonian Ad Seller 4. Talent Show 2,3; National Honor 
Society 4. 

Expedito R. Sheppard 

Panama, R.P., 1944 

Sheila Marie Sheridan 

Ancon, C.Z., 1944 

Christmas Formal Comm. 2; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Sadie Hawkins 
Dance 2; Junior Ring Comm. 3; Senior Ring Comm. 4; Basket- 
ball 1,3,4; Bowling 2; Volley Ball 1,3,4; S.A. Representative 2. 
Safety Comm. 2; Baccalaurate Usher 3; Fashion Show 1; 
Graduation Usher 3; Track Queen 3; Valentine Court 2; 
Awards Day Assembly 2; Christmas Court 3; United Fund 4. 

Thomas Shpakowsky 

Sioux City, Iowa, 194S 

S.A. Representative 1 ; Jr.-Sr. Frolic 4. 

Janet Gaye Simpson 

Charleston, South Carolina, 1945 

F.N. A. 4; Library Club 3,4; Library Assistant 3,4; Cap and 

Gown Comm. 4; Basketball (Intra.) 4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 

4; Other School: Cheerleader 1; School TV Program 2; Class 
President 1 ; Class Secretary 2. 

Robert Marshall Singleton 

Ancon, C.Z., 1945 

Drama Club 1,2; Math Club I; Mythology Club 1,2; Natl. 
Thespians 3,4; Point of View Club 1; Science Club 1; ROTC 
2,3,4, Staff Sergeant; Quality Street 1; Teahouse of the August 
Moon I; Skhi of Our Teeth 2; AnJrocles and the Lion 2; Arms 
and the Man 3; The Crass Harp 3; Death Takes a Holiday 4; 
Leanidas am! the Towers of Illium 3; Antigone 3; Red Carna- 
tions 3; S.A. Alternate 2,4; S.A. Ticket Sales 2; Freshman 
Showcase Comm. 1, Chairman. 

Christian S. Skeie 

Ancon, Canal 7one, 1944 

ROTC 2,3,4, Corporal; Rifle 
Team 2,3; Senior Ring Commit- 
tee 4; Androclvse and the Lion 
2; Arms and the Mun 3; Grass 
Harp 3. 

Selma M. Skeie 

Panama, Rep. of Panama, 1944 

Barbara Ann Slotkin 

Hunting, West Virginia 

Drama Club 3,4; National 
Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 
2 ; Point of VicTv Club 3 , Vice- 
President 4, President ; Chemis- 
try Lab Assistant 3; Jr.-Sr. Ban- 
quet Committee 3; Zonian Staff 
4; S.A. Secretary 4; S.A. Rep- 
resentative 3; S.A. Usher 3,4; 
Visitors' Day Committee 4; 
Baccalaurate Usher 3; Dramatics 
Usher 5,4; Girls' State Attor- 
ney General 3; Graduation 
Usher 3; Bridge Club 4; Future 
Teachers of America Club 2,3, 
4, President; Sadie Hawkins 
Dance Committee 2; Senior Gift 
Committee 4; Showcase Com- 
mittee 2; Orientation Day Pro- 
gram 4. 

Bonnie R. Smith 

Colon, Rep. of Panama, 1944 

Drama Club 4; I'an American 
Club 2,4; C.C.C. 4; November 
3 Showcase 4. 

Carolyn Esther Smith 

Margarita, Canal Zone, 1945 

Drama Club 1,2; Clinic Assist- 
ant 1,2,3; Girls' State 3; Future 
Teachers of America Club 4; 
Nurses Aide 2,3,4. 

Donna Smith 
Cristobal, Canal Zone, 1944 

Volley Bail (Intra.) 4; Girls' 

State 3; Other School: Basket- 
ball (Intra.) 1,2; Volley Ball 
(Intra.) 1,2,3; Science Club. 

Lester Richard Smith 

Panama, R.P., 194! 

Drill Team 2,3; ROTC 2,3,4, 
1st Sergeant; Usher Guard 2. 

Patricia Robbin Smith 

Ancon, C.Z., 194S 

Chess Oub 1,2,3,4; Math Club 
1; Chorus 2; Bridge Club 4. 


Peter G. Smith 
Ancon, C.Z., 194! 

Math Club 1,2; Point of View 
2,3; Science Club 1,2,3; Drill 
Team 2; Boys' State 3, Attorney 
General; Christmas Formal 3; 
Frosh.-Soph. Frolic 2; Jr.-Sr. 
Banquet 3; Senior Gift 4; Senior 
Co-ordinating Comm. 4; Foot- 
ball (Intra.) 1,2,3; Basketball 
(Intra.) 2; Golf (Intra.) 3,4; 
Swimmmg (Intra.) 2,3; Water 
Polo 3; Parakeet Ad Sellers 1,2; 
Get Acquainted Dance 2. 

Valerie Page Smith 

New York, 1946 

Drama Club 4; C.C.C. 3; Shop 
Assistant 3,4; Basketball (In- 
tra.) 1,2,4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 
4; Water Ballet 4; Chorus 1; 
Baton Twirling Squad 2,3, 

William Glenn Snyder 

Canton, Ohio, 1944 

ROTC 3, Staff Sergeant; Fool- 
ball (Intra.) 3; Parakeet 4; 
Sophomore Showcase Comm. 2; 
Radio Electronics Club 3. 

Diane L. Sparks 

Colon, Panama, 1944 

Pep Club 2; Office Assistant 
3,4; Parakeet Ad Seller 3; 
Chorus 1,2,3,4. 

Valentin Speer 

Ancon, C.Z., 1942 

Mythology Club 2; Science Club 3; ROTC 2,3; Drill Team 
2.3; Rifle Team 2,3; Usher Guard 2; Track 4; Orchestra 1,2,3; 
Talent Show 4. 

Mary Eva Stallworth 

"Mary Eve" 
Beatrice, Alabama, 1945 

Drama Club 1,2; Math Club 1,2,3. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; 
National Honor Society 3,4; Point of View Club 3,4; Chorus 
1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Dramatics Usher 1,2,3. 

Paul Joseph Starr 
Metz, France, 1946 

Chess Club 1,2,3; French Club 2, Vice-President 3; Math 
Club 2; Mu Alpha Theta 2,4; National Honor Society 3,4. 
Point of View Club 4; Science Ciub 2, President 3,4; Stamp 
Club 1,2, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Library Assistant 1; Physics 
Assistant 4; Chemistry Assistant 3; ROTC 2,3,4, 2nd Lieuten- 
ant; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3. Individual Senior Pic. Comm. 4; Football 
(Intra.) 4; Swimming 1,2,3; Boys' State 3; S.A. Drives Comm. 
Chairman 4; Bridge Club 4. 

Robert Samuel Starr 

Minnersville, Penn., 1945 

Awards Ball 3,4; ROTC 3,4, Corporal; Christmas Formal 
Comm. 1,2; Valentine Formal Comm. 1,2; Sadie Hawkins Dance 
1,2. Baseball (Intra.) 1,2; Softball 1; Track (Intra.) 1,2; 
Band 1,2. 

Teri Ann Stephens 

Thief River Falls, Minnesota, 1945 

Diane E. Stephenson 

Ancon, C.Z., 1944 

ROTC Assistant 4. 

Dolores Ann Stephenson 

Ancon, C.Z., 1944 

Terry A. Stepp 
Fort Worth, Texas 

Drill Team 2,3; ROTC 2,3,4, Corporal; Freshman Dance 1; 
Basketball (Intra.) 2,3. 

Brian R. Stickney 

Rochester, N.Y., 194'' 

Other School: Chess Club 3; National Honor Society 3; Jr.-Sr. 
Prom Comm. Chairman 3; Track 2,3; Football 2,3; Junior 
Class Play 3; Student Council 3. 

Craig Stoudner 
Balboa, C.Z., 194S 

ROTC 2,3, Sergeant. Football (Intra.) 4; 
(Intra.) 2,3,4; Track (Intra.) 4. 

Baseball 4; Golf 

Jeanette Germaine Stoute 
Panama, R.P., 1944 

Camera Club 1,2,; French Club 1; F.N.A. 2; Mythology Club 
1; Pan American Club 2; Pep Club 1; C.C.C. 2,4; Spanish 
Club 2,4; Stamp Club 1; Counselor's Assistant 1; Parakeet 
Ad Seller 2. 

Anne CuUen Swinehart 

Boston, Massachusetts, I94S 

F.N.A. 4. G.A.A. 4; Gym Office Assistant 4; Senior Activities 
4; Other School: Class Secretary 1; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; 
Basketball (Intra.) 1,2; School Paper 2; Glee Club 1,2; Christ- 
mas Formal Comm. 2. 

Andrea Lynn Tarflinger 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 1944 

Future Nurses of America 1 ; Mu 
Alpha Theta 2,3,4; National Honor 
Society 3,4; Point of View Club 3,4; 
Counselor's Assistant 1,3; Individual 
Senior Pictures 4; S.A. Alternate 2,3; 
S.A. Co-ordinating Ccnnmittee 4; Glee 
Club 1,2; Bridge Club 4. 

Jane Diane Thomas 

Minnesota, 1945 

Drama Club 2,3; Future Teachers of 
America 3; Awards Ball 4; ROTC 
Sponsor 4; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Sadie Hawk- 
ins Dance 2; Individual Senior Pic- 
tures 4; Senior Activities 4; S.A. Alter- 
nate 3,4; Christmas Formal Court 3; 
Football Queen 4; Baton Squad 2; 
Other School: Homeroom Vice-Presi- 

Marilyn Thomas 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 194S 

French Club 1,2; Pan American Club 
1,2,3,4; C.C.C. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2; 
Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Office Assistant 
I; Basketball (Intramurals) 1,2; Show- 
case Committee 3,4. 

Carole Anne Thompson 
Margarita, Canal Zone, 194S 

Drama Club 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep 
Club 1; C.C.C. 4; Clinic Assistant 3; 
Office Assistant 4; Jr.-Sr. Prom 
Chairman 3; Junior Ring Committee 
3; Senior Co-ordinating Committee 4; 
Basketball (Intra.) 1,2,3,4; Ping Pong 
1,2,3,4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 1,2,3,4; 
S.A. Alternate 3; S.A. Representative 
2; Glee Club 4; All Stars 1,2; Bac- 
calaurate Usher 3; Dramatics Usher 4; 
Fashion Show 1,2; G.A.A. Dance 4; 
Graduation Usher 3. 

Robert Louis Thompson 

Belize, British Honduras, 1945 

Drill Team 2; Other School: Intra- 
murals, Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1,2; 
Football 1,2; Hockey 1,2; Chorus 1,2; 
Band 1,2. 

Fred Louis Toothman 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 1945 

Drill Team 2,3; ROTC 4, PFC; Foot- 
ball (Intra.) 1,2,3; Bowling 1,2; Track 
1,2,3,4; Firing Squad 2. 

Robert T. Turner 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1945 

Drama Club 2; Mythology Club 1; 
Science Club 2; ROTC, Second Lieu- 
tenant; ROTC Band 2,3,4; Individual 
Senior Pictures Committee 4; Senior 
Gift Committee 4; Senior Co-ordinat- 
ing Committee 4; Freshmen Dance 
Committee 1 ; Teahouse of the August 
Moon 2; S.A. Alternate 4; S.A. Co- 
ordinating Committee 4; Orchestra I, 
2; Boys' State 3; Audio Visual 4; 
Accordian Band 4. 

Kenneth Lee Underwood 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 1945 

Chess Club 2,3; French Club 1; Math 
Club 2,3; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Point 
of View Club 3; Science Club 1,2,3; 
Awards Ball 2,3,4; Drill Team 2,3; 
Firing Squad 2,3; Rank: Second Lieu- 
tenant; Individual Senior Pictures 
Committee 4; Football (Intra.) 1,2,3,4; 
Baseball 4; S.A. Representative 2; 
Talent Show 4. 

Barbara Sue Upton 

Greenville, Texas, 1945 

Drama Club 2,4; Library Assistant 1; 

Basketball (Intra.) 1,4; Volley Ball 

(Intra.) 1,4; Chorus 1,2; Other 
School: Latin Club 2. 

George Ann Uribe 

Laredo, Texas, 1 94 5 

Palo Duro High School: Drama Club 
1,2; G.A.A. 1; Library Club 1; Na- 
tional Thespians 1,2; Pep Club 1; 
Spanish Club 2; Office Assistant 1; 
Plays 2; Drama Club Play 1. 

Elizabeth Van Dyke 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1943 

Pan American Club 1 ; Counselor As- 
sistant 4; Sponsor 4; Cards and An- 
nouncements Committee 4; Swimming 
3; S.A. Alternate 2; S.A. Representa- 
tive 1,4; Carnival Dance 1; Fashion 
Show 1; Graduation Usher 3; Carnival 
Court 1; Valentine Court 2; Junior 
Court 3. 

Joy Van Vliet 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 1943 

Drama Club 4; Office Assistant 3,4; 

Death Takes a Holiday 4; Other 

School: Swimming Team; Cheering 

Elizabeth Vargas 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1 944 

Pan American 1,2,4; C.CC. 3,4; Spanish 1,2,4; Chorus I. 
Fashion Show 1,2,4: Showcase Committee 4. 

George T. Vaughan 

"Tommy Vaughan" 
Jacksonville, Florida, 1945 

Letterman's Club 1,2,3. Baseball (Intra.) 1,2; Golf (Intra.) 2; 
Tennis 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 2. 

Elizabeth M. Vecchione 

Panama, Republic of Panama, 1943. 

Spanish 4; Christmas Formal 4; Jr.-Sr. Prom 4; Cap and Gown 
Committee 4; Individual Senior Pictures 4; Senior Gift Com- 
mittee 4; Senior Ring Committee 4; Carnival Dance 4; 
Talent Show 4. 

Maria Elena Valez 

Ponce, Puerto Rico, 194 5 

French Club 1,2,3; Pan American Club 1,2,3,4; C.CC. 1,2,3,4; 
Office Assistant 4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 3,4; Inagural Ball I; 
S.A. Representative 4. 

Jeanne Walker 

Los Angeles, California, 1 945 

G.A.A. 2,3,4; Basketball (Intra.) 1,4; Swimming 1,2,3; Volley 
Ball (Intra.) 2,3,4. 

Stacia Ann Walsh 

Whittier, California, 1945 

Camera Club 3; Secretary-Treasurer 4; Point of View Club 3; 
Girls' State 3; C.H.S.: Volley Ball (Intra.) 2; The Wfxfle 
Toum's Talking; Fashion Show. 

Leilani Lynn Walston 

Ancon, Canal Zone, 1945 

French Club 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Girls' State 3. 

Patricia Ann Waters 

Stamford, Connecticut 194S 

G.A.A. 3,4; Pep Club 4; Clinic Assistant 4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 
3,4; Chorus 1,3,4. 

Norman Wayne Watkins 

Margarita, Canal Zone, 1945 

Stamp Club 1; Awards Ball 2; ROTC 2, Sgt.; Usher Guard 
1 ; Football (Intramurals) 2; Basketball (Intra.) 1 ; S.A 
Alternate I. 

Donald Frederick Wellington 

Columbia, 1946 

Letterman's Club 4; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Valentine Formal Com- 
mittee 3; Football 4; Parakeet 4; S.A. Alternate 4; Train 
Committee 4; Other School: Letterman's Club 1,2; Class Presi- 
dent 1,2. Football 1,2; Baseball 2; Swimming 1,2. 

Nancy Ann Wenborne 

Toledo, Ohio, 1945 

Drama Club 2,3; Pan American Club 2,3; Pep Club 2; CCC. 
2,3,4; Stamp Club 1; Cards and Announcements 4; Antigone 
3; Dramatics Usher 2; Fashion Show 1; Graduation Usher 3. 

Sandra Rose White 

Roanoke, Virginia, 1945 

French Club 4. Zonian 4; Chamberlain High School: French 
Club 2,3; G.A.A. 3; Christmas Formal 1; Frosh.-Soph. Frolic 
1; Valentine Formal I; Basketball 2,3; Vclley Ball (Intra.) 5; 
Glee Club 3. 

Esther Naomi Whitney 
Margarita, Canal Zone, 1945 

Library Club 2; Basketball 
(Intra.) 4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 

Joan Millie Whitney 

Colon, Republic of Panama 

Drama Club I; Future Nurses 
of America I; G.A.A. 3,4; Pan 
American Club 1,2; Library 
Club 2; C.C.C. 2; Stamp Club 
1 ; Library Assistant 2 ; Audio- 
Visual Typist ; Christmas For- 
mal Committee 3; Basketball 
(Intra.) 1,2,3,4, Captain 3; 
Bowling 1,2,4; Volley Ball (In- 
tra.) 1,2.3,4, Captain 1,3; S.A. 
Alternate 4; Nurse's Aid Pro- 
gram 1; Future Teachers of 
America Club 1. 

Edward Mark Wilder 

"San Bias" 
Ancon, Canal Zone, 1945 

Letterman's Club 1,2,3,4; 
Christmas Formal 3 ; Frosh.- 
Soph. Frolic 2; Football 1,2,3,4; 
Canal Zone All Stars 1 ,2,3 ,4 ; 
Baseball 3,4; Swimming (Intra.) 
3,4; Track 4; S.A. Alternate 
2; Football Dance 2,3,4; S.A. 
Representative 3.4. 

Chester Wiley 

Colon, Rep. of Panama, 1943 

Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 4; Jr.- 
Sr. Banquet 4. 

Gerald R. Wilkins 

Peru, Indiana, 1944 

ROTC 2,3,4; Awards Ball 2,3, 
4; Color Guard 3,4; Drill Team 
3; Sergeant Major; Usher Guard 
3,4; Cap and Gown Committee 
4; Football 2; Other School: 
Football 1. 

Anita Melrose Willingham 

Auburn, Alabama, 1945 

Pep Club 2; Volley Ball (Intra.) 
3; Fashion Show 1,2-. 

Elizabeth Mae Willis 

Ancon, C.Z., 1944 

Drama 1 ; Future Nurses of 
America I; Pan American 2; 
Senior Gift 4; Basketball (In- 
tra.) 2,4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 
4 ; Chorus 1 . 

Frances Jean Wilson 

Washington, D.C., 1945 

Drama Club 2,3; Pep Club 3; 
Basketball (Intra.) 2; Tennis 2; 
Get Acquainted Dance 4; S.A. 
Budget Comm. 3,4; Senior Ac- 
tivities Comm. 4; Awards Day 
Assembly Comm. Chairman 4; 
Future Teachers of America 2,3; 
National Honor Society 4; Other 
School: N.H.S. Usher 2. 

Ann Catherine Wood 

Panama, R.P., 1945 

Pep Club 2; Counselors' Assist- 
ant 2; Office Assistant 3; 
Freshman Picnic 1 ; Jr.-Sr. Prom 
Committee 3; Cap and Gown 
Comm. 4; Basketball (Intra.) 
2,4; Volley Ball (Intra.) 2,4; 
Chorus 1; Christmas Showcase 

Frances L. Yost 

Columbus, Ohio, 


Pep Club 1,2; Clinic Assistant 
3; Basketball (Intra.) 2,3,4; 
Swimming (Intra.) 1; Volley 
Ball (intra.) 2,3,4. 

Terrie Ann Zanakis 

Hawaii, 1945 

Drama 4; Pep Club 2; Office 
Assistant 4; Frosh-Soph Frolic 
2; Senior Co-ordinating Comm. 
4; Basketball (Intra.) 2,4; Vol- 
ley Ball (Intra.) 2,4; Co-ordi- 
nating Comm. 4; Glee Club 4; 
Dramatics Usher 2,4; Fashion 
Show 4; Other School: Year- 
book 1 ; Girls' League Repre- 
sentative 1 ; Hospitality Comm. 
1; Health Office Assistant 1. 

Mary Louise Zerbinati 

Panama, R.P., 1945 

GAA 3; Pan American 2; 
Science Club 1; CCC 2; Stamp 
Club 1,4; Chemistry Assistant 
4; Basketball (Intra.) 1,2,3,4; 
Volley Ball (Intra.) 1,2,3; Band 

Additional Seniors 

Jorge C. Antonatos 
Panama, R. of P., 1944 

ROTC Color Guard 3; Football 
4; Swimming 4; Track 4; Carni- 
val Dance 3. 

Allen William Stciner 
Ancon, Canal Zone, 194^ 

ROTC 2,3, Corporal; Football 
(Intra.) 1. 

Seniors - No Photos 

Mary E. Bunnell 
John R. Campbell 
John G. Castro 
Donald Chapman 
Teresa Cheryl Crego 
Peter Denton 
Dennis Emery 
Thomas Ermish 
Frederick Evers 
Michael G- Farrow 

Stephanie Fuqua 
William Goepner 
Benny Johnson 
Terry Jones 
Thomas Murphy 
Pamela Parent 
Jennie Patker 
Joseph H. Perry 
Terry Southwell 
Roger Suarez 

Juan Vecchione 
Jessie Waiters 
Sandra Gail Wiitz 







Alfred Osborne 
Betsy Mallory 


Paul Starr 
Barbara Slotkin 


Wendell Shepard 
Kaye Sergeant 


Sally Cornwell 
Gene Linfors 


Lewis French 
Barbara Dombrowsky 


Rusty Potter 
Carole Thompson 


Warren Ashton 
Sheila Sheridan 


Don Wellington 
Carol Streetman 


Vicki Baldwin 
Jerry Mann 


What's everyone looking at? 

Me Tarzan! 

I'm supposed to be the 
leader .... where you 

and the farmer said to the salesman . 

And the same to you. 

Hi there! 



You rang? 

The Three Stooges 



FRONT ROW: Carol Wentsler, Secretary. BACK ROW: Ken 
Darlington, Vice-President; Mr. Willingham, Class Sponsor; 
Chuck Moses, President. 

Junior Class History 

The month of October was a month of important 
decisions for our Junior Class. The time had co-me to 
choose a class ring which ivould symbolize appropri- 
ately our relationship with Balboa High. We chose 
a gold ring with a mother-of-pearl background and 
black and gold inlay. A ship transiting the Panama 
Canal is depicted in the center of the ring, thus de- 
noting a special remembrance and feeling of pride 
for the members of the Class of '64. 

In the latter part of O:tober, the first of a series 
of meetings was held to begin plans for the Christmas 
Formal. Diane Lewis was elected chairman of the 
committee, and she in turn appointed several subcom- 
mittees to carry out the numerous jobs necessary in 
planning a successful dance. 

"Christmas Wonderland" was the theme of this year's 
Christmas Formal. Ken Darlington was Master of 
Ceremonies arid officiated during the coronation of 
Queen Paula Craig. The Queen's attendants were Sue 
Rathgeber, Gene Kent, Rochelle Egudin, and Ann 

The Junior showcases were all very successful 
and a definite :redit to our class. 

The Junior-Senior Banquet and the Junior-Senior 
Prom, both sponsored by the Junior Class, were very 
well planned and shmved the great originality and 
hard work contributed by the respective committees. 
These activities honored the departing Senior Class, 
whose varied achievements will be a great incentive 
for us next year. 

Vincente Abea 
Louis Adams 
William Adams 
Georgianne Albaough 
Gail Albritton 
Victor Alers 
Thomas Alves 
Mario Ayala 

Richard Bacot 
Louise Ann Bailey 
John Barrett 
Mary Bartlett 
Doily Bates 
Sandra Bauchman 
Robert Bauman 
Jimmy Bay 

Mary Jean Beeby 
Anne Beers 
Victor Behar 
Charles Belden 
Frances BeJI 
Linda Bell 
Vilma Bernsee 
Patricia Best 

Jose Bibbs 
Daniel Blackmon 
William BleakJey 
Shirley Blumberg 
Gretchen Boehning 
George Booth 
Michael Boshman 
Jean Boswell 

Evelia Bradley 
Colin Bradshaw 
Dianna Bramlett 
Joseph Bremer 
Edelmira Bright 
Janis Marie Brogie 
Diane Brown 
Elizabeth Brown 

Jane Brown 
Pamela Brown 

Priscilla Brown 
Michael Bruce 
Euia Bryan 
Elizabeth Bryant 
Evangeline Buenafe 
JoKn Bundy 

Liurma Caballero 
Al John Caldwell 
Sandra Calvo 
Marcelina Campos 
Johanna Carlson 
Teresa Carrejo 
Cynthia Case 
Richard Casey 

Peggy Cassibry 
William Catron 
Glenda Chan-dler 
Cheryl Cheaney 
Fernando Chiari 
Michael Colacicco 
Jeannie Colburn 
David Colclasure 

Priscilla Collins 
Terry Conley 
Frances Conn 
Nancy Cotton 
Susan Cotton 
Michael Cozens 
Paula Craig 
Walter Crouch 

Bonnie Crowell 
CJiarles Curran 
Susan Cutter 
Helen Daniel 
Don Dardin 
Kenneth Darlington 
Jose Davila 
David Dear 

^ ^ fi> f^ a ^ rj 




^ § ^ 









? « 

\ y. i*i 












1 ^ t 


^ C? f ^ ^ ^ 

C^ D 




f • 

- ■■■ ^ ^^ 
I i 


f ,0 ,i^. 

■^ ^ if!l 

^ f^ B^ B 




Dennis Denung 
Geret De Piper 
Mary Ann Dewey 
Alexis Diaz 
Susan Diercks 
Michael Dillon 
Margaret Dingwall 
William Dobbs 

Michael Donaldson 
Nancy Donaldson 
Linda Donley 
Ellen Douglas 
Diane Downing 
Marcia Dubbs 
Robert Duran 
Jonnie Sue Dyer 

Josephine Eberenz 

Ann Edberg 
Richard Ebdon 
Dana Edwards 
Rochelle Egudin 
Jihane El Tabei 
Evelyn Eldredge 
Barbara Ellis 

Edna Elwood 
Louis Engelke 
Roberta Evans 
Fred Eversole 
Kathryn Fallon 
Carol Farbman 
Linda Fawcett 
Douglas Feeney 

Clara Ferrufino 
Paul Ficzeri 
Janet Fields 
Harry Foster 
Richard Frank 
Linda Fussell 
Sally Galbreath 
Thomas Gangle 

Norrine Giynor 
Ann Guilley 
Diane Gilman 
Edna Glass 
Joseph Goff 
William Gonzales 
Ann Griffin 
Warland Griffith 

Patricia Grow 
Nancy Grube 
Pablo Gutierrez 
Mary Beth Hack 
Julie Hamilton 
Mary Hanley 
Jessie Hassler 
Lerlene Hayden 

Jane Hearne 

Marisela Hermida 
Anayansi Herrera 
James Hicks 
Kathi Hirt 
Jane Holgerson 
James Hovan 
Robert Howard 

Mary Howe 
Kenneth Hubona 
Joe Hunt 
Danita lanole 
Diane lanole 
Yolanda Izquierdo 
Sigma Jameson 
Barbara Janowitz 

Patricia Janssen 
Pearlene Jcmmott 
James Jenkins 
Harvey Johnston 
Carol Kapinos 
Jean Kent 
Charles Keys 
David Kimberling 

Vina Kimbrough 
Patricia Kintner 
Hazel Kirk 
Leffel Kjrkmsji 
Ann Kitterman 
Jon KJages 
Dorothy Knox 
Margarita La Grave 

Sheila La Porta 
Margaret Lane 
Joe Lang 
Kathleen Lavallee 
Robert Lavallee 
Paul Lawson 
Randolph Leber 
Lorraine Leen 

Paula Leftridge 
Diane Lewis 
Norman Lewter 
Barbara Linder 
Ruth Litvin 
Michael Livingstone 
George Lord 
Dianne Lowery 

Walter Lytz 
Abigail Mabry 
Beverly Mahone 
>X^esley Major 
Linda Mapes 
Albert Martin 
Vivian McCall 
Michael McClure 

Stephen Mcllvain 
Kersten McKay 
Keith McLeod 
Alicia McMurray 
Claire McNaught 
George Mercer 
Jeanne Meyer 
Joanne Meyer 

Ronald Meyer 
Gregory Michaelis 
Tita Milas 
John Millar 
Robert Mohl 
Rebecca Monk 
Martha Monroe 
Walter Monroe 

Irene Monzon 

Robert Morse 
John Morton 
Charles Moses 
Carolyn Mounts 
Judith Myers 
Paul Myers 
Fuller Nelson 

William Nordstrom 
Judith Nuckols 
Eileen Jane O'Connor 
Nan Kristin Olson 
Richard Orvis 
Sheila Osborne 
Robert Ostrea 
Roberta Paterson 

Elva Perez 
Roque Perez 
Richard Perkins 
Fred Perra 
Lee Ann Petrosky 
Guillermina Pino 
William Presley 
Antonia Price 

Constance Pustis 

Pauline Pyer 
Thomas Rainey 
Katherine Ralston 
Susan Rathgeber 
Elizabeth Reyes 
Emma Reynolds 
Rozlyn Rhodes 

5 ^ 

\ 4 

■Plft 9 


O ^ O f^- 


'I \ ] : ' 

Harvey Rhyne 
Ursula Richer 
Edward Rivera 
Kathi Roberts 
Lillian Roe 
Olav Roos 
Michaelyn Rowland 
Robert Russel! 

Carol Salonick 
Santos Samson 
Ricardo Sanchez 
Renee Sargent 
Billy Satterwhite 
Jane Schoewe 
Bari Schock 
Joan Schonert 

Aurea Sco'ggins 
Paul Sheffield 
William Shepard 
Julia Shipley 
Nina Shirer 
Richard Sillik 
Jean Silva 
Larry Simpson 

William Singleton 
Marilyn Slotkin 
Russell Slough 
Richard Smith 
Jeanne Sooter 
John Soward 
Teresa Maria Spinelli 
Eve Stephan 

Peter Stevens 

Marsha Sutherland 
Jane Swasick 
Karen Tanassy 
Clayton Taul 
Lyndell Taylor 
Richard Teets 
Jaye Thompson 

James Van Dyke 
Ricardo Vecchione 
Melania Velasquez 
Aurea Valez 
Simmons Max Valez 
Frederick Vinas 
Richard Wallace 
Robert Walker 

Laurel Ann Walton 
Judith Warford 
Esther Watson 
Fred Weade 
Douglas Webster 
Fred Wells 
Carol Wentsler 
William West 

Robert Wheeler 
Tom Whitley 
James Widdecke 
Samuel Witkin 
Madrid Maria Wilkins 
Lee Wyman 
Kolleen Yocum 
Norma York 

Cecelia Zerbanati 

Unpictured Juniors 

Harry Ashby 
Victor Auberc 
Gloride Ballenger 
Lynn Baquie 
Michael Basham 
Bonnie Jo Bishop 
Sandra Bishop 
Judy Borler 
Barbara Brazile 
Merrian Brittain 
Nelva Brown 
Robert Bugden 
Joe Byrne 
Marilyn Camby 
George Carney 
Charles Casaus 
Colon Castro 
Knise Chandonnet 
Ed Corrigan 
William Coy 
Richard Cressy 
Stephanie Davis 
Patricia Derrer 

Linda Dominguez 
Vicki Dunning 
Linda Erhardt 
James Ebdon 
Evelyn Eldredge 
Louis Engelke 
Marilyn Ermish 
Ronald Evers 
Edwin Feherenback 
John Fisher 
Kathleen Foster 
David Gaul 
Charles Glover 
John Gough 
Harold Green 
James Guibert 
Michael Halley 
Linda Hart 
Maria Harvey 
Eugene Hermany 
Charlene Hey 
Montie Hess 
Anne Hofmann 

Linda Hughes 
Bill Keene 
Francis Keggins 
Neva Kiefer 
Nancy King 
John Klette 
Gilma Kowalczwaski 
John Lincoln 
Katherine Lorenc 
Raymond Lueckeman 
Charles McClelland 
Marilyn Martin 
Valirie Maxcey 
Raymond Miller 
LuciajTi Myron 
Raymond Ott 
E)avid Parker 
Robert Pedersen 
Bernard Piaia 
Marsha Prevost 
George Reichart 
James Riley 
Sandra Roth-Roffy 

Robert Rowe 
Enrique Salerno 
Charles Sanders 
James Schaefer 
Martha Schuck 
Donna Secrest 
Thomas Sigerfooj 
Keith Smith 
Valerie Spencer 
John Stabler 
Eliza Stephens 
John Swain 
John Bill Tharp 
Victor Trievin 
Luisa Ugarte 
Michael Walsh 
Donald Watkins 
Sandra Watson 
WUliam Weeks 
Fred Wells 
Matthew Wilder 
De Ann Wright 

Smile . . . You're on Candid Camera! 

"Mr. Speir, faculty, and honored guests" 

Campus through a cage 

On a diet again? 




Steve Cunningham, Vice-President 
Sue Lessiack, Secretary 
Mr. Cook, Class Sponsor 
George Linfors, President 

Sophomore Class History 

This past year has been very eventful for the 
Sophomore Class. As always, we had our ups and 
downs, but mostly ups! 

The first major operation of our class was that 
of electing officers to lead us through our second year 
at Balboa High. We voted George Linfors President, 
Steve Cunningham Vice-President, and Sue Lessiack 

A cheering contest, an attempt to raise the school 
spirit, was another event sponsored by our class. 

Off and on all year, mighty Sophomores could be 
seen with bulldog pictures pinned to their clothes. To 
the wearer, it signified that he was a proud and happy 

Prom the beginning of the year, our committees 
were organized and working steadily. Special recog- 
nition should be^ given to the Sadie Hawkins Dance 
Committee whose hard work made this year's dance 
the best one yet. 

In Jartuary the Sophomores and Juniors had an 
interesting debate on Capital Punishment. 

If our future years reward us as much as this 
past year has, we will be well on our way to a full and 
satisfying adult life. High in our memories will always 
be ottr wonderful Sophomore year at Balboa High 


FIRST ROW: Frank Baldwin, Sara Alejardre, Pamela Bilas, Ernest Buenafe, Jack Ray, Diane Cobb, 
Howie Bacharach. SECOND ROW: George Pipkin, Elizabeth A. Critch, Barbara Bibby, Dorothy Sanders, 
Janice Berg, Tonia Edds, Hilma Cooke. THIRD ROW: Aleika Clare, Lucille Bertolette, Donna Michael, 
Ruth Reimiller, Sonny Brown, Cindy Becker, George Black, Dave Albertson. LAST ROW: Robert 
Baggott, Roark Summerford. 



FIRST ROW: Maryann Williams, Sue Heimer, Nanette Dill, Janis George, Kay Wood, Nancy Barker, 
Beryl Miller. SECOND ROW: Niocole Palmer, Sue Trim, Helen Stewart, Stephanie Philbrick, Cora 
Herrera, Lynn Watkins. THIRD' ROW: Frank South, William Tillman, Jose Valasquez, Charles Joyner, 
Elizabeth Lane, Terry Barber. FOURTH ROW: Paul Chisolm, Stephen Dickey, Ralph Allyn, Jerry 
Bingen, David Warren, Harold Marks, Vaughan Taylor. 


FIRST ROW: Ruth Chance, Linda Askew, Darlene Berger, Kathy Devine, Debbie Rigby, Brenda Westfall, 
Mary Miller. SECOND ROW: Ba,rbara Lewter, Sue Lessiack, Suzeite Baker, Ellen Zitzman, Ann 
Stich, Pat Fritts, Shirley Hedden. THIRD ROW: Danny Hele, Ricky Williams, Glenn Evans, Wayne 
Leake, Don Chesson, Bob Pearce. LAST ROW: Matthew Manning, Arthur Payne, Roger Hoenke. 

FIRST ROW: Eloy Alfaro, Shirley Miller, Dora Will, Donna Farrow, Nancy Chadwick, Patsy Bowling, 
Dolores Barnes. SECOND ROW: Lilii De La Guardia, Jane Sumner, Margarita Milas, Esther Gundersen, 
Pat Doran, Paula Faulkner, Ronnie Pedersen. THIRD ROW: George Linfors, Ruben Rodriguez, Snady 
Oczkowicz, Marilyn Lemaster, Betty Womble, Jim Tomanelli, Paul Robinson, Andy Jacobson, LAST 
ROW: John Foster, Ken Phillips. 



FIRST ROW: Lindi Jones, Cherie Biggs, Mary Garcia, Carolyn Price, Eggas Willenbrock, Jackie Lovelady, 
Irene Mora. SECOND ROW: Cathy Dimmick, Steve Cunningham, Thomas Liley, Greg Van Tasset, 
Angel Luis Toledo, -Candy Floyd, Elizabeth Robertson. LAST ROW: Larry Gramlich, Alan Esterline! 
Tom Galya, Lewis Fontaine, Charles McConney, Joan Widdecke. 

FIRST ROW: Connie Kirkman, Elizabeth Brannon, Bob Hall, Marilyn Truitt, Pat Boriofti, 'Kay Craig, 
Daniel Mullins. MIDDLE ROW: Virginia Beaty, Gwen Freakly, Kathie Nehring, Sharyon Boyd, Catherine 
Price, Alice Cann, Rita Martens. LAST ROW: David Glass, Robert Dryja, Miguel Negron, Ricardo 
Cazoria, Greg Hanchin, Mike Vecchione. LAST ROW: Bob Knox, Henry Garner, Mike Plucker. 


FIRST ROW: Barbara Brown, Ralph Burda, Pamella Kirkland, Cheryl Peterson, Mary Rateau, Nancy 
Bunnell, Angela Ganser, Doris Vazguez. SECOND ROW: Argelis Sotomeyer, Ann Winquist, Mike Hollen, 
Virginia Flumach, Earl Anderson, Donna Cheany, Margaret Ott. THIRD ROW: George Kiamco, Douglas 
Weeks, Ricord Winstead, James Plata, Robert Engelke, Pat Fugua. LAST ROW: Luther Quinn, Lewis 
Stabler, Mike Dillon, Jim Lang. 




Jeanie Balmas, Norma Gross. Gricelda Vasnick, Nancy Barcelo, Linda Lueckeman, Pat Basham, 
Zaida Gonzalez. SECOND ROW: Regina Booker, Mike Herring, Frank Koenig, Marilyn Oldham, Terri 
Lockhart, WiUa Mae Harper. TFHRD ROW: Roy Alexander, Ron Hanuschak, Richard Kneib, 
Robert KJipper, William Krapfl, Helen Manning. LAST ROW: Brian Keeney, Lellian Harrison. 

FIRST ROW: Lydia Suarez, Jean Bouche, Pam Harrington, Carla Wisham, Chris Lastinger, Christina 
Quiros, Marina Figueroa, Joyce Haran. MIDDLE ROW: John Rizzo, Larry Douglass, Dale Rose, Leslie 
Mora, Carol Bryson, Robin Gordon, Randy Everson, Sandra Houston. Last Row: Lydia Ramos, Elois 
Phillips, Linda Culhane, Bill Renner, Lancey Saunders, Tommie Starkenberg, Russell Watson, Billy Daubin. 


FIRST ROW: Johnny Carter, Bob Nolan, Carole Lopez, Jerry Worsham, Barbara Gray, Mana Fitzwilliam, 
Marlene Gordon, Beverly Buehler. SECOND ROW: Jack McGrath, Bill Wiktor, Rick Anderson, Doug 
Mitchell, Andrea Lynn Sollitto, Gloria Wirth, Pat Unverferth. THIRD ROW: Mary Cooper, Denise 
O'Donnell, Barbara Toothman, Howard Rogers, Robert Starr, Larry Robertson, Stew Brown, LAST ROW: 
John Cooper, Paul Meyer, Mack Landrum, Jack Garavanta. 


FIRST ROW: Idette Johnsoa, Alida Rivera, Phi! Uribe, Sharon Bowman, James Slover, Judy KJages, 
Sheila Holcroft. SECOND ROW: Robert Harrison, Luther Davis, Richard Nolan, Kathy Kingsbury, Patsy 
Albritton, Kevin Bradley, Pete Young, THIRD ROW: Robert Kilpatrick, John Sargent, Sandra Hanley, 
Ada Ruiz, Esther Hovan, Sylvia Glass, Margarita Davis, Louis Zarrilli. LAST ROW: Russ Poore, Diane 
HindmajT, Candy Shirley, Robert Merrill, Jane Wellington, Christopher Kuehler, Webb Self. 

FIRST ROW: Dianne Zerr, Shirley Mackonald, Lynda Jones, Melodie James, Daisy Vargas, Gloria Wlison, 
Lillian Ulloa. SECOND ROW: Sue Ince, Jim Savidge, Sandy Genther, Pat McCarragher, Brenda Johnson, 
Rita Hedman, Vicki Hutchison. THIRD ROW: Courtney Wilder, Charles Blystone, Harold Little, 
Georgia Crimmel, Gordon Meuse, Stanley Black, Kathleen Chandler. LAST ROW: Frank Disharoon, 
Bob Hailey, Jim Richardson, Linda Naar, Carol Quintal. 



FIRST ROW: Lyndall Serllens, Carol Browne, Nancy Bongiorni, Eva Lawrence, Elaine Vestal, Steve 
Clarke, Bruce Douglas, Manuel Buenafe. SECOND ROW: Mike January, William Boughner, Frank Major, 
Betty Durling, Dale Searle, Sua Lane, Tina Kelby, Margaret Brook. LAST ROW: Nelly Kirmer, John 
Colacicco, Bill Compton, Gail Bohannon, Bob Dunn, Jeff Sears, Bob Lawyer, Paul Elia. 

FIRST ROW: Mary Watkins, Sue Cbarbonneau, Pam Lesser, Leida Almodvar, Mary McFadden, Janice 
Wilson, Phyllis Chase, Martha Craig. SECOND ROW: Andrea Byrd, Teresa McGann, Faith Tisdale, 
Lorraine Johnson, Charlene Carson, Alan Greene, Jim Braden. THIRD ROW: Pete Bidwell, George Dolan, 
Danny Aleman, Raymond Harvey, Tommy Zornes, Bob Compton, Ronnie Carroll. LAST ROW: John 
Fitzgerald, Tim Corrigan, Jim White, David Byars, Jeff HirschI, Richard Jack. 


FIRST ROW: Priscilla Hernandez, Robert Rupp, Mickey Tester, Charles Colburn, Paula Jean Baranowski, 
Kathie Dolan, Michele Canavaggio, Janet Williar. SECOND ROW: Carol Saarinen, Mary Bormeau, Amy 
Lugo, Murriel Juba, Eddie Deveau, Frances Goulding, Brian Keggins. THIRD ROW: Jim Culet, Emiliano 
Ponce, John Grow, Carol Pearson, Gary Goff, Mario Calleja, Steve Bissell. LAST ROW: George Fox, 
Steve Thomas, George Case, Eddie McFadden, William Smith, Jim Peterson. 



FRONT ROW' Gail Derrer, Charlotte Flinchbaugh, Heather Metheny, Christine Atwell, Ceci Meriwether, 
Camille Hendricks, Jean Brady, Baribara Tarno. MIDDLE ROW: Carol McCune, Awilda Thomas. Ronald 
Tremblay, Susan Kirby, Bill Tilly, Shirley Sillik, Paula Tysinger, Russell La Fuente, Sharon Ten Broeck, 
Margo Smith, Dennis Bryson, Jack Powers, Eddie Smithwick, Phil Stewart, Jack Lansford. LAST ROW: 
Bruce Richards, Bill Egolf, L. G. Allen. 

FIRST ROW: Miriam Bateman, Nona Tewinkel, Judy Hayes, Carol Muese, Gail Lynch, Diana Haky, 
Pat Bain, Vicki McCoy. SECOND RQW: Becky Caaney, Nancy Fuller. Carol Schafer, Francie Dignaii, 
Sharon Wheeler, Craig Nelson, Bill Fall, Larry Monroe. THIRD ROW: Frank Suarez, Donald WiUmgham, 
Walker Pruitt, Robert Tarr, Gregory Kennington, John Nazario, Sandy Boonstra. LAST ROW: Robert 
Daniel, Steve Schweer. 



Gene Blumberg 
Merrian Bnttain 
Thomas Pearson 


Jack Fife 

Maria Sanchez 


Jose Garriga 
Roger Grant 

Kermit Griffin 
Gail Harvey 
Adrienne McAndrews 
Dan Thomas 


Linda Green 
William Hale 
Glenn Price 
John Schowe 


Judy Croft 
Will Jordan 
Dennis O'Connor 
Gerald Osborn 
Susan Soyster 
Jim Spivey 
Anthony White 


Ray Bridges 
Susan Falardeau 
Sheila Hughes 
Michael Hummel 
Linda King 
Carl Mable 
Lowell Marcus 
Darryl Morse 
Herbert Prescotc 
George Turner 


Peter Benson 
Robert Mulholland 
Karl Prescott 


Linda Auble 
Cora Henderson 
Dianne Hyre 
Sylvia Perra 
David Rice 
Rachael Sevier 
Jane Wilson 
George Woodrazka 


Terry Graham 

James Jackson 
Robin Lane 


Gerald Mahoney 
Jessica Orieo 


William Field 
Delfina JustiniaJio 
Wilford Shaffer 
Wayne Steinert 
Patrick Swanstrom 
\t'illiam Swanstrom 
Dirk VanLoon 
Patrick White 


Sandra Thomas 


Leslie Fulcher 
Jerry Nunley 
Alfred Sardinas 


Dora Brandenburg 


Jose Anguizola 
Dale Appleton 
Frances Lynn 


Barbara Harris 


Jerry Denton 
Mike Gurney 



Mike Osborne, President; Pat Chandler, Vice-President; Debbie 
Wilder, Secretary; Mr. Case, Class Sponsor. 

Freshman Class History 

As we look back, we recall all the sorrows and 
joys of our first year at Balboa High. 

Our first major event, the elejion of our class 
officers, ivas won by Mike Osborne, Pat Chandler, and 
Debbie Wilder. 

The memorable Freshman Dance was enjoyed by 
all those who attended. 

School spirit among us Freshmen at athletic 
events was especially high. There we lived up to our 
motto, "Freshmen First." 

We have had an eventful Freshman year and now 
are looking forward to an even more successful Sopho- 
more year. 

FIRST ROW: June Tahc, Margarita Stallworth, Bill Gough, Fred Whitney, Karen McGee, Mark Schoewe, 
Wajida Marks. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Kerr, James Osborn, Patricia Murphy, Kris Kingsbury, Marjorie 
Sener, Joanne Clarizio, Warren Craig. THIRD ROW: Tom Howard, Alan Proctor, Judy Wall, Susan 
Smiley, Sara Stanphill, James Carney, John Reynolds. LAST ROW: Charles Harrison, Bob Emerson, 
Monte Hairper, Bobby Gibbs, John Cain, Michael Thompson. 



FISRT ROW: Dianne Comerio, Vera Hanchin, Mary Harold, David McNaught, Tom Parker, Joe 
Castro, I'erry Parks. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Arnold, Connie Zemer, Keith Bowman, Susan Brennan, Sam 
Sellick, Betty Anderson, Miriam Anderson. THIRD ROW: Bobby Teague, Gary Vaucher, Sarah Runne- 
strand, Ricky Richter, Robert Boukalis, Kelvin Brown, Duane Anderson. LAST ROW: Morgan Benson, 
Pete Hendrickson, Mark Sanders, Eric Allemans. 



FIRST ROW: Michael Doran, Susie Wallace, Linda Grace, Pat Booth, Charles Beardall, Martha 
Rodriguez, Weldon White. SECOND ROW; Lorain Worshim, Ken Kaisch, Gary Zambito, George 
Stanley, Karen Klages, Bettina Torres, Linda Weeks. THIRD ROW: Dennis Watkins, Jackie Daubert, 
Margaret Knapp, Thomas McGraw, Clarence Bowen, Sandra Wilson, Claudia Doyle. Mary Ann Donaldson. 
LAST ROW: Bob Bruce, Tom Carpenter, Bob Wilson, Patricia Ann Miller, Betsy Hutchins, Doris Martin, 
James Hudgins, Ruth Kelly, Nora Knight. 

FIRST ROW: Lucia Di Blasi, Adela Bacot, Kay Scanlon, Oscar Wright, Wilda Wong, Sandra Thompson, 
Edmond Jilli. SECOND ROW: Tom Pescod, Thomas Rice, Candy Anderson, Lynn Fidanque, Mikey 
Meyers, Travis Price, Phyllis Warner. THIRD ROW; Charles Howe, Helen Hays, Gerald Star, George 
Ruppert.Lill van Eps, Lennie Medcalf, Gerard Chandonnct. LAST ROW: Norris Fussell, Michael Harper, 
Larry Stepp, Steve Wellinar, Bill Hunter, Norman Allen, Harold Gensemer. 



FIRST ROW: Barbara Hopkins, Mike Bell, Fred Garcia, Yvonne Padilla, Barry Balch, Bob Arbaugh, 
Judy Trainor, David Bailey. SECOND ROW: Adriana Alvardo, Bob West, Stephen Smith, Helen 
Aanstoo6, Margaret Branstetter, Liz Morales, Beverly Weaver, Delia Izquierdo. THIRD ROW: Mary 
White, Yolanda Mora, Ben Trotter, Marta Calleja, Terry Sprague, Bruce Richard, Mitzi Vogel. LAST 
ROW: Arthur Baggott, Miguel Corco, Robert Smith, Lana Nadeau, Mary Almquiit, David Dempsey, 
Barbara Fuqua. 

FIRST ROW: Jan Jansen, Lois Fir.lason, Barry Blachard, Franklin Dishong, Gloria Duke, Kim Upton, 
AlcLnda Atkins, Francie O'Brien. SECOND ROW: James Walker, Jim Boman, Sheryl Williams, Clyde 
Guinn, Mary Crego, Anita Spinelli, Barbara Stephens. THIRD ROW: Thad Woodard, Robert Russell, 
Barbara Detamore, Ann Keigley, Penny Lee, Mike Lettig, Don Ross, Hank Money. LAST ROW: Kathy 
Le Brun, Pat Frazer, Sharon, Pohl, Doug Adkins, Devon Johnson, 



m ' © 'A 


FIRST ROW: Danny Duckworth, Arm McGuick, Doris Gre«n, Elaine Boehning, Carolyn Mathews, Ofelia 
Beato, Janet Parker. Judy White. SECOND ROW: Vicky Weeks, Douglas Hinek, Andres Borrero, Paul 
Richards, Grace Whitney, Linda Williams, Olga Lagassie, Diana Tharp. THIRD ROW: Susan Daubert, 
Mike Whead, David De Fries, Earl Sallami, Austin Byrd, Linda Philleric, John Barb, Jo Ann Marti. LAST 
ROW: Nelson Borrero, Thomas Uribe, Ronnie Crump, Phil Shriver, Robert Small, Mike Sharp, 
David Ricker. 


FIRST ROW: John Hanna., Linda Huff, Lorene Collister, George Kozak, Carol Sparks, Theodore 
Jemmott, Elena Varela, Pat Vanderburg. SECOND ROW: Bernadette McNamee, Leliane de Mana, Gabriel 
Hernandez, Ursula Merten, Jeannette PJchardson, Gwen Todd. Suzanne Sample. THIRD ROW: Linda 
Newman, David Hunsucker, Renee Jankus, Gwyneth Richard, Pamela Hicks, Karen Kerr, Jay Hendricks. 
LAST ROW: Ronald Kat, Ronnie Harned, Larry Reinheardt, Steve Classick, Ronald Keeney, William 
Selen, Miguel C^borne, Kaj Anderson, Alex Hinek. 

FIRST ROW: Sandra Johnson, Sandra Blumberg, Rita Negron, Sandra White, Elizabeth Guibert, Richard 
Gonzalez, Olga Galego, Lyle Wickham. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Carey, Hilda Miller, Antoinette Malene, 
Susan Stetler, Kristina HJggins, Barbara Rauscher, Freddieann Gallardo, Elinor Young. THIRD ROW: 
Anita Greque, Albert Gonzales, Peggy Lee Hombs, Susan Taylor, Rick Hebenstreit, John Charbonneau, 
Ruth Perkins, George Mikosz. LAST ROW: Craig Halliday, Evan Sponagle, Balfoure Brenes, Paul 


FIRST ROW: Ruth Loran, Linda Turpin, Eduardo Guillen, Patrick Donaldson, Maritza Aizpurua, 
Sharon Samson, Maria Alvarez, Pat Earl. SECOND ROW: Neil Saterwhite, Nancy Tinkler, Norma 
Herrera, Evelyn Sooter, Zeery Mogilevsky. Ruth Raymond, Miriam Mclntire. THIRD ROW: Jane Hesters, 
Alan WelJs, James Ruggs, Ron Beukema, Wallace Murdock, Clarice Di Feterici, Linda Illueca. LAST 
ROW: Linda Cassibry, Mary Redding, Thomas Holmberg, Richard Hoglo, Emilio Valez, Charles Fontaine, 
Elbon Cobb, Demiis Dykstra. 

2 !? t 


FIRST ROW: Larry Garrison, Bently Jenkins, Dillon Lynch, Florinda Beechner, Eda Beechner, Ruth 
Crouch, Carol Linder, Conna Searle. SECOND ROW: Bill Garber, Janet Hubona, Debbie Wilder, Debbie 
McGee, Steven Roth, Helen Waldron, James De la Pena, Paula Zelnick. THIRD ROW: Susan Alves, 
Larry Haff, Marie Bruland, Frances Dean, Jeannie Riesch, George Jennings, Haim Mizrachi, Sandra 
Spirmey. LAST ROW: Bill Welch, Margie Cohen, Pat Chandler, Jimmy Nichols, Duke Wilson. 

FIRST ROW: Maureen Michael, Betty Lindo, Patty Bartlett, Tim Meehan, Leisa Atkins, Janet Steward, 
Susan Fuller, Carol Walder. SECOND ROW: Sandy Hibner, Kathy Winn, Jerri Hunt, Claudette Hultman, 
Monica Meyer, Alan Blumberg, Mary Ann Lewelling. THIRD ROW: Sally Smith, Rene Estripeaut, Everett 
Justice, Alfaro Clark, Jose Vazguez, Chris Dillon, Alfredo Gonzales, Kim Kristoff. LAST ROW: Cynthia 
Rudesheim, David Smith, Kathy Schroeder, Joe Morales, Robert Asken, Charles Metz. 



FIRST ROW: Blanca Huertas, Holly Green, Jean Perkins, Rosalinda Montemayor, Susan Bell, Beverly 
Gensemer, Becky Kite. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Kaelin, Mary Sawyer, Martha Searcy, Christie Jenner, 
Pam Dease, Joan, Muller, Mirtha Brissel, Eloise Ferdinand. THIRD ROW: Sarah Gonzales, Mildred Win- 
berg, Kathy Engelke, Georgette Sosa, Cassie Harris, Nancy York, Margaret Knox, Susan Ball. LAST ROW: 
Melanie Tarflinger, Mary Lair, Carol Smith, Lois Corben, Leslie Jackson. 

FIRST ROW: Betty Salonick, Carol Mobley, Jeannie Fogler, Marion Bundy, Ethelyn Riley, Sandra Bowen, 
Dee Vinas, Pamela Michel. MIDDLE ROW: Kitty Boggs, Jan Fitzwilliam, Jo Groves, Bobbie Berger, 
Olga Stone, David Albanese, John Myers, Tom Estrada. LAST ROW: Victor Oliver, John Trainor, John 
Morales, Doug Morse, Cynthia Benjapun, Marian Willis. 


FIRST ROW: John McCall, Jimmy Gangle, John Nita, Ken Nelson, Teresa Bay, Lynda Van Liew, 
Stephanie Luevano, Lynn Baglien. SECOND ROW: Itzel Gaudiano, Patsy WaJker, Peggy McGuirk, Beth 
Dudley, Skip Nehring, Douglas Sehnepel, Diana Jarvis. THIRD ROW: Diana Bembenek, Sandra Shirley, 
Molly Kermington, Lucy Rodriguez, Gail Barnett, Nancy Basham, Mike Woods. LAST ROW: Louis 
Rodriguez, Joan Sartain, Edgar Halley, Rupert Turner, Kathleen Litton. 


FIRST ROW: David Shea, Gary Norman, Laura Laird, Margaret MacDonell, Michael Meli, Robert Meyer, 
Beth Kalb, Beverly Brown. SECOND ROW: Pattie Bittel, Barbara DuValJ, Kathleen Stevenson, Barbara 
de Camp, Judy Jernigan, Sandra Tucker, Carol Lewis, Pete Pascua. THIRD ROW: Mark Weidman, 
Larry Kzy, Vicki Dykstra, Linda Turbyfill, John Rathgeber, Frank Fitzwilliam, Ralph Allemano, Andrew 
Page. LAST ROW: Dolores Schmidt, Katherine Kamish, Janice Speaks, Thomas Sizemore, Fred Ponce, 
Lawrence Oxx, Gary Norman, Richard Patton. 

FIRST ROW: Scott Williams, Tony Schmid, Frank Tester, Mike Moras, Walter Lenneville, Larry Hagcr. 
MIDDLE ROW: James McNabb, Paul Rowe, Everett White, Charles Bertoleite, Roy Wilmoth, Richard 
Zornes. LAST ROW: Larry Murphy, Russell Smith, Jeff Riley, Tom Thomson, Douglas Slick, Gary Moyer. 




Mary J. Hunter 
Gary King 


Mike Braswell 
Tracy Ferrel 
Douglas Kerin 
Vernon Martin 
David A. Spedr 
Betty J. White 


Burt Arthur 

Nora Evelyn Knight 


Eric L. Andrews 
Catherine Giardina 
Lorita Powell 
Milton J. Short 


Gloria Manno 
Judith B. Trainor 


Obed Ayende 
Jimmy Boman 
Victoria Davis 
Patricia Guokas 
Tracy Lansberry 
Nancy Lee Mason 


Kathryn Burkley 
Earl C. Sallomi 
Michael J. Weade 
Helena Williams 


Anita C. Mattos 
James H. Scaroni 
Justo E. Velez 


Albert Meggers 
Edmund D. Weight 


Edna Beechner 
Patrick M. Gipson 
Nancy Kascher 


Robert Van WinkJe 


Margaret A. Bunnel 
Carolyn J. Camby 
Marjorie A. Malone 


Michael Edward Bailey 
Richard A. Brogie 
Donald Brown 
William Burke 
Felice Castelli 


James A. Fields 
Kevin 0*Connel 


Laurie M. Macdonnel 
Helen Morris 




Courtlyn Armstrong 
Rubye Baker 
William BoUer 
Ronald Qump 
Michael Dubroff 
Norman Feldes 
Beverly Keene 
Marvin McMillan 
Susan Mitchell 
Brenda Myrich 
George Pescod 
Sheldon Reyher 
Priscilla Russell 
Wynne Samuelson 
Joan Schaefer 
Charlotte Stanley 
Robb Taylor 
Edward Weese 



Phillip Barrett 
Linda Campbell 
Cynthia Carlton 
Ina Rae Fischer 
Jim Jenkins 
Terrence Jenkins 
Teresa Laughlin 
Dorothy Pescod 
Richard Prevost 
Kim Richards 
Ramona Rios 
Brenda Rogers 
Judy Schaefer 
Kathleen Sheridan 
Donna Southwell 
Margo Stanley 
John Swiney 
Linda Trevino 
Mary Weese 

A studious sophomore- 

Hurray for picnics! 



^■■■■■■MflHIHb^juft A 

Our travels across the bridge 
are not limited to the day time. 
After school hours there are numerous 
activities which comprise an important 
part of otir trip through Balboa High. 

I \ 

From left to right we have Paula Badonsky, Claire McNaught, Marilyn Oldham, 
Chuck Darcy, Marge Morris, Tex Fenimore, Harry Munyon, Kay Ralston, Katie 
Barnett, Marcia Dubbs, Barbara Donovan, Mary Lerchen, Leslie Hendricks, Barbara 
Slotkin, and Carol Remele. 

Meet the 


In September the staff, under the guidance 
of Mr. Bradford, plunged right into the un- 
familiar work of preparing dummies, ladders 
and copy for your 1963 ZONIAN. Soon 
we were in full swing, frantically meeting the 
first deadline. 'Till March when the final 
pages were sent to the publishers, we went 
through many ups and downs, tears and 
laughter, and gallons of midnight oil. Before 
we had a chance to catch our breath, we were 
back to work, planning next year's ZONIAN. 

We now proudly present the 1963 
ZONIAN, hoping it will bring you many 
hours of enjoyment now and in the years 
to come. 

Well, don't look so disgusted, I know this was sup- 
posed to be done last week, but . . . 

Don't look that way; the walk to Kansas City isn't 
so far, and besides, when you get there tell them 

Who are you looking for? 
Oh, I'm looking for Mr. Speir- 

Well, for gosh sake, he's in his office 

That's all we need, a comedian! 

Praaice, praaice. That's what this 
job needs, plenty of practice. 

Betcha take a lot of good pictures? 

I don't care what anyone thinks. I 
think that it'll look nice. And put 
that towel away!! Nothing will 
change my mind. 

But, my good fellow, we are disciples of 
the gteat Stanislavsky; and he always said, 
"Practice makes perfect!" 


■■■ III 

% © ♦» s i •^■' 


FIRST ROW: Kathy Kascher, Ann Beers, Rebecca Monk, Glenda Chandler, Pat 
Janssen, Nancy Combecker, Eunice Friese, Valerie Spencer. SECOND ROW: Mr. 
Brown, Dawn Powell, Sue Baker, Don Wellington, Dave Cohen, Bill Snyder, Kerry 
McCoy, Ann Winquist. 


Assistant Editor 

Dave Cohen 

Nancy Combecker 

'The Parrakeet," our school newspaper, is 
one of which we can all be proud. The staff 
has worked hard all year to keep B.H.S. stu- 
dents up to date on all news and activities on 
and around the campus. The capable staff 
guided by its sponsor, Mr. F. S. Brown, and 
headed by editor, Dave Cohen, and his assist- 
ant, Nancy Combecker, are to be commended 
for a wonderful job well done- 

"Our newspaper . . ." 

Ann poses sweetly 

Billy hard at work. 


Alfred Osborne 

Joe Bremer 


Mr. F. Gately 



Barbara Slotkin 


Betsy Mallory 

mffttf/^^' ^ ^^^^^Vt 

kH^BsL'^'' J^^^H 


nXV ^^t^H*^^ ^^^K^^^H 


H^B--«S W|-^S'..-.':^-T. ■■■■■■ ■ ■■•-■■■■«^^Kk0 



FIRST ROW: Officers: Kaye Sargeant — President, Tom Perantie — Vice-President, 
Margaret Morris — Secretary, Mary Kelly — Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Melinda Mal- 
lahan, Barbara Slotkin, Paula Badonsky, Carol Remele, Mary Louise Zerbibati, Mary Mi- 
chael Brzezinski, Sally Cornwell, Mary Eva Stallworth, Marilyn Humma, Sarita Heres, 
Nancy Combecker, Andrea Tarflinger. THIRD ROW: Wendell Shepard, Annette Ry- 
bicki, Margaret Mahoney, Arliene Peterson, Jane Lippincott, Catherine Barnett, Ellen 
Gray, Mary Lerchen, Elizabeth Mallory, Frances Wilson. LAST ROW: Joe Peddrick, Paul 
Starr, David Cohen, Richard Selby, Alfred Osborne, Don Wellington, Brian Stickney, 
William Schmidt, Gene Linfors, John Paterson. 


FIRST ROW: Bill Shepard, Jeffrey Hirschl, Terri Lockhart, Sylvia De fvlers, Morgan Benson, 
Lynn Baglien, Sarah Runnestrand Melinda Mallahan. SECOND ROW: Florence Barbour, David 
Colclasure, Terry Parke, Paul Ficzeri, Tracy Ferrel, Donna Clieaney, Helen Manning, Bobby 
Teaguc, Larry Simpson, Mary Howe, Mark Saunders, Doud Feeney, Richard Prevost, Wendy 
Shepard. THIRD ROW: Gary Vaucher, Mary Hack, Regina Booker, Betty Anderson, Nancy 
Fuller, Gabriel Hernandez, Mike Braswell, Connie Zemer, John Vaucher, Bill Boughn^r, Russell 
Watson, Duane Andressen, Kelvin Brown, Miriam Anderson, Priscilla Russell, Bill Bleakley, 
Richard Keigley. LAST ROW: Marsha Prevost, David Speir, James Braden, Bob Lawyer, Mario 
Calleja, James Culet. NOT PICTURED: Charles Glover— Clarinet, Terry Jones— Tympani, Mike 
Casaus — Trumpet, Philip Barrett — Baritone, James Jackson — Sousaphone, Donald Soff 
— ■ Drum, Gene Linfors — Clarinet. 

Piano: Kaye Sergeant — Itzel Guad'ano. 

FIRST ROW: Victor Oliver, Mike Osborne, Yvonne Crane, John Reynolds, Jerry Worsham, Ann 
Keigley. SECOND ROW: Jack Garavanta, Al Meggers, Jane Wilson, Kathy Winn, Charlotte 
Flmchbough, John Cooper, Melinda Mallahan, Mary Howe, Mary Ann Donaldson, Susi Diercks, 
Ruth Litvm. THIRD ROW: Doug Feeney, Bill Boughner, Russell Watson, Tom Parker, Mary 
Beeby, Diane Brown. LAST ROW: Bob Lawyer, James Braden. NOT PICTURED: Margie 
Morns — Bass, Charles Blystone — Bass, Barbara Detamore — Bass, Flute, John Oyster 
Beryl Miller — Piano, Frank Brooks — Horn, Florence Barbour — Clarinet, Melanie Tarflinger 
— Violin, Al Osborne — Violin, Nelson Berrero — Drums. 



FIRST ROW: Kaye Sergeant, Accompanist, Kathy Lavallee, Barbara Gray, Carol Remcle, Maureen 
Michael, Anne Beers, Lynda Grace. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Devine, Margarita Stallworth, Jo Ann 
Marti, Ruth Litvin, Florence Barbour, Jane Schoewe, Mary Garcia, Cheryl Cheaney. THIRD ROW: 
Barbara Donovan, Julie Hamilton, Terri Lockhart, Annette Rybicki, Sharon Bowman, Molly Ken- 
nington, Elizabeth Critch, Mary Stallworth. FOURTH ROW: Sonia Bowker, Ethclyn Riley, Linda 
Newman, Denise O'Donnell, Sandy Thomas, Nan Olson. FIFTH ROW; Melanie Talflinger, Cynthia 
Carlton, Lillie Griffin, Sue Lessiack, Peggy Flynn, Ann Winquist, Joanne Clarizio, Lyndell Taylor, 
Pat Clariezio, Norma York, Joan Crouch. SIXTH ROW: Clay Taul, Paul Searcy, Bill Shepard, Ray 
Burda, Wendell Shepard, Tom Carpenter, Mike Hollen, Paul Zelnick. LAST ROW: Al Osborne, 
Vincente Abea, Walter Crouch, Richard Keigley, Doug Aseron. Marty Holmes, Paul Ficzcri, David 

FIRST ROW: Kaye Sergeant, accompanist, Jane Sumner, Shirley Miller, Mary Stallworth. Margarit.i 
Stallworth, Sandra Bowen, Lynda Grace, Ruth Crouch. SECOND ROW: Marie ^ruland, Julie 
ilton, Jo Ann Marti, Nancy Tenkler, Pat Vanderberg, Cheryl Cheaney, Debbie McGee, Diane Zcrr. 
THIRD ROW: Barbara Donovan, Eliza Stephens, Lynette McGee, Marilyn Lemaster, Peggy Flynn, 
Elizabeth Critch, Mary Harold, Mary Garcia, Sara StanphiU, Cora Herrera, Joan Crouch. FOURTH 
ROW: Cynthia Carlton, Nelly Kirmer, Sandy Thomas, Joanne Clarizio, Pat Clarizio, Lunda Ollucca, 
Frances Dean, Jane Lippincott, Mary Cooper. LAST ROW: Karl Prescott, Richard Hoylc, Robert Dryja, 
Paul Zelnick, Tom Carpenter, Robert Russell. 

1 1^ 1 1 



Left to Right: Paula Badonsky, Florence Barbour, Sandra Hailiday, Secretary-Treasurer; Kaye Sergeant, 
Dean; Melinda Mallahan, Vice-Dean; Mary Beth Hack, jo Ann Clarizio. 

FIRST ROW: Pauline Pyer, Florence Barbour, Janice Berg, Kaye Sergeant. SECOND ROW: Robert 
Turner, Nancy Cotton, Barbara Drombrowsky, David Colclasure. 






FIRST ROW: Pat Meriwether, Mary Lou ^X'atkins, Paula Badonsky, Kay Ralston, Pat Boriotti, Margaret 
Knapp, Lynette McGee. SECOND ROW: Barbara Dotnbrowsky, Hilda Davila, Teri Stephens, Dawn 
Powell, Barbara Linder, Pamela Kirkland, Pam Herrington, Marsha Sutherland. THIRD ROW: Lancey 
Saunders, Lydia Syarez, Carol Thompson, Gloria Wirth, Michele Canavaggio, Jane Lippincott, Sue Grim, 
Kathy Nehring, Becky Chancey. FOURTH ROW: Anre Kaska, Carla Elich, Merry Layne Rauscher, 
Bobbie Lou Herrington, Marilyn Anderson, Sharon Broeck, Judy Meyers, Lynn Sollitto. 

FIRST ROW: Liurma Caballero, Norma York, Michaelyn Rowland, Robin Smith, Diane Brown, Barbara 
Janowitz, Catherine Fallon. SECOND ROW: Alfred Osborne, Mario Ayala, Paul Starr, Sam Bettsak. 





FIRST ROW: Sally Cornwell, Governor; Melinda Mallahan, Paula Badonsky, Carole Remele, Barbara 
Siotkin, Attorney General; Eunis Friese, Sandra Halliday. SECOND ROW: Lelani Walston, Carolyn 
Smith, Nancy Comebecker, Dawn Powell, Margaret Mahoney, Mary Michael Brzezinski, Annette Rybicki. 
THIR-D ROW: Marjorie Flumach, Jean Ellen Dobbs, Barbara Donovan, Julie Lockhart, Fran Wilson, 
Kaye Sergeant, Secretary of State; Hilda Davila, Patricia Merriwethcr, Sarita Heres. LAST ROW: Catherine 
Barnett, Mary Kelly, Donna Smith, Tess Walsh, Sue Luhr, Ellen Gray, Margaret Flynn, Carla Elieh. 

FIRST ROW: Paul Starr. John Paterson, Wendell Shcpard, Joe Pedderick, Gene Linfors, Frank Brooks. 
SECOND ROW: Ricki Selby, Bob Singleton. Frank Finlanson, Mike Fulop. Paul Searcy. THIRD ROW: 
Garth Feeney, Bill Mounts, John Frensley, Bob Turner, Rafael Reyes. LAST ROW: Alfred Osborne, 
Governor; Rusty Potter, Doug Aseron, Bob Bohannon, Tex Fenimore, Secretary of State; Martin Holmes. 



FIRT ROW: Jan Fields, Kaye Sergeant, Vice-President; Pat Meriwether, Dawn PoweJi, Secretary- 
Treasurer; Phillip Barret. LAST ROW: Bob Singleton, President; Dallas Manning, Bill Eldredge, Bob 
Fisher, John Carlson. 

President. John Carlson; Vice-President, Mike Booth; Secretary, Patricia Meriwether; Treasurer, Ann Beers. 


0_ • ■ 1^^ ^ x^i>rt 



FIRST ROW: Nancy Coonbecker, Robin Smith, Eve Stephens, Pat Booth, Gail Lynch, Sarita Heres. 
SECOND ROW: Pat Scott, Sheila Osborne, Diane Brown, President; Pat Janssen, Barbara Janowitz, Glenda 
Chandler. THIRD ROW: Charles Calhoun, Louis Engelke, Billy Daubin, Frank Brooks, Doug Mitchell, 
Mario Ayala. LAST ROW: Tex Fenimore, Louis Adams, Paul Searcy, James Jenkins, Paul Meyers. 

FIRST ROW: Kaye Sergeant, Carol Remele, President; Marilyn Oldham, Eve Stephens, Darlenc Berger, 
Barbara Slotkin, Marilyn Slotkin, Maggie Mahoney, Secretary-Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Gail Barnett, 
Rebecca Monk, Carol Bryson, Jody Spinelli, Marilyn Truitt, Sheila Osborne, Diane Brown, Frank Brooks, 
Robbin Smith, Katie Barnett. THIRD ROW: Pat Chandler, Ann Winquist, Lynn Sollitto,, Lynn Manin, 
Barbara Donovan, Mary Michael Brzezinski, Sue Cutter, Linda Naar. LAST ROW: Paul Starr, Alfred 
Osborne, Carolyn Mounts, James Jenkins, Beverly Mahone, Diane Lewis, Claire McNaught. Mary Howe, 
Mike Osborne. 



FIRST ROW: Maritza Aispura, Susan Kirby, Ruth Litvin, Mary Howe, Marilyn Truitt, Sarita Heres, 
Cookie Friesc. SECOND ROW: Fredianne Gallardo, Christine Atwell, Jane Swasick, Barbara Janowitz, 
Pat Boriotti, Emma Reynolds, Claire McNaught. THIRD ROW: Carol Farbman, Carol Muese, Mary 
Rateau, Billy Daubin, Margarita Davis, Marysol Davis, Samuel Bettsak. LAST ROW: Robert Starr,, 
Charles Colburn, Phillip Barrett, Sandy Spinney, Pat Fuqua, Sandra Genther,, Linda Naar. 

FIRST ROW: Bob Arbaugh, Barbara Gray, Correspondence Secretary; Carol Lopez, Jody Spinelli, Yolanda 
Aguilar, Eve Stephens, Maggie Mahoney. SECOND ROW: Louis Adams, Consul; Gail Barnett, Diane Brown, 
Treasurer; Barbara Janowitz, Anita Spinelli, Eugene Linfors, Mario Ayala. LAST ROW: Mike Colacicco, 
Mary Cooper, Jane Wilson, Jane OXx>nnor, Vice-Consul; Paul Meyer. 




FIRST ROW: Expedito Shepard, Magali Reyes, Secretary; Grace Figuerrra, Isabel MacKenzie, Edgar Paulk, 
Adela Gerardi, Diane Malinowski. LAST ROW: Curtis Searcy, President; Dick Geradi. 

FIRST ROW: Diane Brown, Florence Barbour, Sarita Hcres. SECOND ROW: Barbara Janowitz, Pat 
Janssen, Maggie Mahoney, Lynette McGee. THIRD ROW: Linda Donley, Marysol Davis, Barbar Donovan, 
Nancy Combecker, Ellen Gray, LAST ROW: Frank Brooks, Jane O'Connor, Sue Incc, Merry Layne 
Rauscher, Pat Ball, Sandra Genther. 





FIRST ROW: Maggie Mahoney, Annette Rybicki. SECOND ROW: Kaye Sergeant, Norma York, Mary 
Eva Stallworth, Marilyn Slotkin, Mary Howe, Sheila Osborne, Carol Remele, Paula Badonsky, Diane 
Brown. THIRD ROW: Paul Starr. Jeanne Meyer, Diane Lewis, Marjorie Flumach, Barbara Donavan, 
Nancy Combecker, Barbara Janowitz, Sue Lissiack, Joe Pedderick, Gene Linfors. FOURTH ROW: Chris 
Kheuler, Gregory Kennington, William Daubin, Jane O'Connor, Catherine Barnett, Ellen Gray, Susan 
Cutter, Michaelyn Rowland, Unknown. FIFTH ROW: Alfred Osborne, Courtney Wilder, Larry Douglas, 
Mario Ayala, Katherine Fallon, Jane Lippincott, Roger Hoenke, Paul Meyers, Robert Farr. 

FIRST ROW: Diane Brown, Mary Howe, Ann Winquist, Pat Chandler, Ethelyn Riley, Marilyn Slotkin, 
Eda Beechner, Jane Hester. SECOND ROW: Allen Blumberg, Ellen Douglas, Billy Daubin, Paul Zelnick, 
Sheila Osborne, Sue Lessiack, Barbara Janowitz, Jane Wilson. THIRD ROW: Mike Dillon, Frank Brooks, 
Richard Selby, Louis Adams, Robert Daniel, Robert Dryja, Sandra Boonstra, Jeff Hirschl. LAST ROW: 
Ricky Teats, James Jenkins, Jeff Sears, Paul Searcy, Paul Starr, Tex Fenimore, Dick Sillik, Robert Starr, 
Louis Fontaine. 


FIRST ROW: Joan Myer, Jean Myer, Orol Wentsler. Diane Zerr, Delia Izquierdo, Barbara Hopkins, 
Lancy Saunders. SECOND ROW: Maureen Michael, Pat Basham, Mary Ann Williams, Charlotte 
Flinchbough, Jackie Lovelady, Maria Alvarez, Ruth Crouch, Mary Howe, Gloria Duke, Carol Linder, 
Lorene CoUister, Anne Gilly. Kay Raliton. THIRD ROW: Sharon Bowman, Laurel Walton, Kathy 
Kingsbury, Camille deCamp, Nancy Tinkler, Tina Torres, Sheila Osborne, Darlene Berger, Nancy 
Combecker, Eda Beechner, Susan Rathgaber, Annette Rybicki, Kathy Shroeder. FOURTH ROW; Betty 
Anderson, Jane Hesters, Claudia Doyle, Vicky Davis, Antionette Malene, Peggy McGuirk, Barbara Tarno, 
Brenda Westfall, Rita Martens, Fran Dignam, Sylvia Perra, Lynette McGee, Liurma Caballero, Anita 
Creque. LAST ROW: Becky Chansel, Barbara Lewter, Sue Lessiack, Linda Klueca, Susan Cutter, Frances 
Dean, Peggy Cassibry, Priscilla Collins, Diana Bembenek, Luida Daniels, Kris Kingsbury, Lorrane 
Worsham, Mary Rateau. 



FIRST ROW: Kathy Kingsbury, Sarita Hercs, Mary Bartlett, Melinda Mallahan, Secretary-Treasurer; 
Diane Zerr, Barbara Slotkin, President; Ethelyn Riley, Lynn Baglien, Betty Salonick. SECOND ROW: 
Unknown, Laurel Walton, Marilyn Truitt, Roberta Patterson, Ruth Litvin, Eve Stephens, Linda Fussell, 
Kris Kingsbury. THIRD ROW: Ann Kaska, Jane Swasick, Mary Michael Brzezinski, Linda Fawcett, 
Marilyn Oldham, Mary Beth Hack, Norma York, Pat Fuqua. LAST ROW: Carol Bryson, Pam Brown, 
Katherine Fallon, Sue Luhr, Betty Bryant, Marcia Dubbs, Philip Barrett, Helen Manning, Sandra Genther. 




FIRST ROW: Carol Remele, Paul Starr, Tex Fenimore, Frank Brooks, Paul Meyer, Katie Barnett. 
SECOND ROW: Florence Barbour, Paula Badonsky, Marilyn Slotkin, Vice-President; Barbara Slotkin, 
President; Cookie Friese, Nancy Combecker, Secretary-Treasurer; Marilyn Oldham. THIRD ROW: 
Mary Stallworth, Roberta Patterson, Maggie Mahoney, Lynn Martin, Jane Swasick, Barbara Donovan, 
Barbara Riuscher, Ruth Litvin. FOURTH ROW: Carol Wentsler, Anita Mattoos, Carol Farbman, 
Ann Beers, Ellen Gray, Katherine Fallon, Diane Brown, Joanne Meyer, Linda Fawcett. LAST ROW: 
Claire McNaught, Kaye Sergeant, Beverly Mahone, Lynn Sollitto, Susan Cutter, Lancy Saunders, Mary 
Cooper, Sue Luhr, Merry Layne Rauscher, Linda Donley, Sandra Boonstra. 

FIRST ROW: Weldon White, Bob Arbough, Susan Wallace, Phyllis Chose, Pat Basham, Grechen 
Boeing, Pat Booth, Stephanie Luevano, Diane Zerr. SECOND ROW: Diane Brown, Barbara Bibby, 
Claudia Doyle, Christina Quiros, Betina Torres, Jackie Lovelady, Barbara Tarno, Mary Ann Williams, 
Janet Simpson. THIRD ROW: Judy Wall, Terisa McGann, Carol Bryson, Jane Lippincott, Barbara 
Lewter, Be.tty Womble, Etta Beechner, Jane Hesters. LAST ROW: Richard Casey, Alfred Chase, 
Paul Starr, Beverly Mahone, Linda Donley, Lynn Boswell. 


FIRST ROW: Maria Aivjre/, Aharon Samson, eiiarlcs hcardall, Linda Fussell, Jeannie Colburn 
Magah Reyes, LUi Aleman. SECOND ROW: Darlene Berger, Marilyn Truitc, Marilyn Oldham. 
Diane Brown, Sheila Osborne, Barbara Rauscher, Zaida Gonzalez. THIRD ROW: Julie Lockhart. 
Lynn Sollitto, Pat Meriwether, Christina Quires, Russ Poore, Lynda Daniels. LAST ROW: 
Toni deMers, Danny AJeman, Ann' Kaska, Henry Garner, Ann Stich, Charles McClelland. 

Orosman Gonzalez — President, Jeanne Colburn — Vice-President, Zaida Gonzalez — Secretary, 
Cora Herrera — Treasurer, Aurea Velez — Assistant Secretary, Esther Watson — Assistant 
Treasurer. Lili Aleman, Eley Alfars, Adriana Alvarado, Diane Bembenek, Christine Bernsee, 
Vilma Bernsee, Dalila Brett, Lucia Di Blasi, Francie Dignum, Betty Darling, Liliane De Mena, 
Ethel Faulkner, Freddie Ann Gallardo, Elizabeth Guilbert, James GuJlbert, Diane Haky, Santa 
Heres, Priscilla Hernandez, Idette Johnson, John Joyner, Kathy Kasher, Hazel Kirk, Eva Law- 
rence, Wanda Marks, Ursula Merten, Margie Milas, Tita Milas, Irene Mora, Yolanda Mora, Sheila 
Osborne, Guillermina Pino, Doug Priester, Christina Quiros, Lizzi Reyes, Magali Reyes, Kathie 
Roberts, Ada Ruiz, Billv Satterwhite. Sharon Samson, Susan Stetler, Mickey Tester. Dan Thomas, 
Tina Torres, Lill Van Eps, Elena Varela. Daisy Vargas, Griselda Vasnick, Jose Velasquez, Justo 
Velez, Melanie Velasquez, Mitzi Vogel, Mary Lou Watkins, Tina Williams. 





FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Guibert, Pat Chandler, Gail Albritton, Linda Fawcctt, Barbara Dom- 
browsky, Bettina Torres. Idette Johnson, Irene Monzon, Joanne Meyers, Constance Pustis. SEC- 
OND ROW: Joan Ammirati, Tonia Edds, Cookie Friese, Debbie Wilder, Sue Rathgeber, Jerry 
Hunt, Jackie Lovelady, Pat Basham, Camilla Hendricks, Sylvia Perra, Marilyn Lemaster. THIRD 
ROW: Maggie Mahoney, Kaye Sergeant, Camile de Camp, Margie Cohen, Phyllis Warner, Grace 
Whitney, Rebecca Monk, Anne Guilley, Clausia Doyle, Patsy Albritton, Francie Digman, Mary 
Miller. FOURTH ROW: Carole Thompson, Michaelyn Rowland, Betty Shaffer, Susan Trim, 
Norma York, Jane O'Ccnnor, Linda Askew, Marcia Dubbs, Kathie Lavalle. Grctchen Boeing. 
LAST ROW: Marilyn Anderson, Peggy Flynn, Linda Reger, Bobbye Lou Herrington, Carolyn 
Mounts, Mary Cooper, Barbara Toothman, Lancy Saunders, Sue Lessiack, Lynda Donley, Kathryn 
Fallon, Marsha Sutherland, Julie Shipley, Lerline Hay den. 


FIRST ROW: Tom Perantie. Steve Cunningham, Doug Prtester. Paul Brooks, Marty Holmes, Al 
Osborne. SECOND ROW: Tom Whitley, Joe Bremer, Tom Gangle, Stew Brown, Jim Riley. 
THIRD ROW: Mike Colacicco, Tim Corrigan, Garth Feeney, Warren Ashton, Dave Cohen, Frank 
Disharooii. (Unpictured.) 











Nora Jean Tewinkle, Glo- 
ria Wilson, Vicki Baldwin. 

Alice Cann, Jean Ellen 
Dobbis, Tina Kilbey 



Kaye Sergeant 

Pam Dease, Alaka Clare, 
Elizabeth Reyes 

Tess Walsh, Barbara Tooth- 
man, Charlotte Kissling 

Rochelle Egudin 



Paula Craig 

Susan Rathgeber 

Ann Beers 


Jean Kent 

Princess Sheila Sheridan 
Robert Turner 

Queen Bobbye Lou Herrington 
King Don Wellington 

Princess Betty Van Dyke 
Doug Priester 


at the 


Sue Lessiack md Stu Brown, Gale Bohannon and Roark Summerford, Cindy Becker — "Daisy Mae", and 
George Case — "L'il Abner." 


March eighth the girls took over! It was open season on ail boys. 
The sophomore class sponsored the Sadie Hawkins Dance which brought 
together all the B.H.S. Daisy Maes and L'il Abners. To mark the dances 
highlight, Cindy Becker and George Case were crowned Daisy Mae and 
L'il Abner. 





Left to right: Andrea Lynn Sollitto — Sophomore Princess, Sylvia De Mers — Senior Princess, Freddie- 
ann Gallardo — Freshman Princess, Magali Reyes — Senior Princess, Queen Anne Kaska, Linda Fussell — 
Junior Princess, Melania Velasquez — Junior Princess, Irene Mora — Sophomore Princess, Adriana 
Alvarado — Freshman Princess. 

ft'-.-t, " -ft- » ' > 

P - U - L - L! 

Leaders of tomorrow? 

And after using Brand X 
for six months our group 
had 21% fewer cavities. 

I can't do a thing with 
mine either. 

Zorro unmasked. 

;- ^■■., -.• Help — now what 
■ ^-'li * do I do with it? 

v ■ - 


First Battalion 

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel John Nelson 

V % 

' • ; .' vj 



Left to right: Sgt. Maj. Wilkens; Captain 
Selby; Captain Freund; Lt. Colonel Nel- 
son; Colonel Bohannon; Major Linfors; 
Captain Arey; Captain Kat; not pic- 
tured; Major Coffey. 


Color Guard 

Cadet Sergeant Major Jerry Wilkens 


•«* — u 


Cadet Captain Robert Turner 

^ '^'^: ^ i^^-^^^ 

"^ ■*. 

f-^ r * 




«s . ■'>■ 

« IE 

i * 

/ .i i. 

' ISA 



Cadet M/Sgt. Carlos Beechner 

Cadet Captain Nanq^ Morency 


A Company 

Cadet Captain Jim Davies 


M/Sgt. Rowe; Captain Thomas; Captain Davies; 

P.F.C. Everson; Lieutenant Garrison 

First Platoon 

Cadet Lieutenant Douglas Aseron 

Second Platoon 

Cadet Lieutenant Robert Panzer 

Third Platoon 

Cadet Lieutenant Kenneth Underwood 


B Company 

Cadet Captain Joseph Peddrick 


Left to right: S.F.C. Smith; Captain Peddrick; 

Captain Mallory; Sgt. Adams: Lieutenant Hesters 

::^-iShi'^ - 



First Platoon 

Cadet Lieutenant Peter Richard 

Second Platoon 

Cadet S/Sgt. Ray Burda 

Third Platoon 

Cadet Lieutenant Bruce Galton 

— 'iidiiaSiii-'n-" 


Left to right: M/Sgt. Burton; Captain McCoy; 

Captain Munyon; Sgt. Rivera; Lieutenant Gleason 

C Company 

Cadet Captain Harry Munyon 


''-i^r^R^Cr'*^ . 

Cadet Lieutenant Michael LeBrun 

Hrst Platoon 

Cadet Lieutenant George FitzGerald 

Third Platoon 

Cadet Lieutenant Johnnie Parker 


D Company 

Cadet Captain Alfred Osborne 


Officers, left to right: Lieutenant Paterson: Cjptain 

Osborne; Captain Van Dyke 

First Platoon 

Cadet Lieutenant Paul Brooks 

''Eyes Righf^ 

D Company passes in review 

Retreat Ceremony 

The second and third platoons on line 















\ / 
\ / 

\ I 






\ / 









Football Queen 1962 

. ..!»>■- 



Irene Monzon, junior — I >(>ar 

Our ;h™rk-iJcr. during: tl.c dv 

Sewr-*--- ,■>* 

J^JT-^HP iJi 'iTTfiwr ■;jr«-Ti1 

Can you hear us gang? Sure can. 
Do you see that tcain? Yeah, man 

Do you want to win? Sure do. 

Well, fifteen rah's will pull us through. 

Maureen Michael, freshman — 1 year 

Kathy Devine, sophomore — 1 year 

Betsy Mallory, senior — 2 year; 


Sue Cotton, junior — 2 years 

Hey, rah, rah, rah, rah, rah. 

Barbara Dombrowsky. senior- 

Nancy Morency, senior— 3 years — Captain 

Sue Lessiack, sophomore — 1 year 


rah. r.ih, rah, rah. 

Hey, rah, rah, rah. rah, rah, 
Hey team! 



BHS baton twirlers from left to right: Diane 
Hindman, Vicki McCoy, Glenda Chandler, 
and Captain Miki Garcia. 





-9 -^^>5- 

The Balboa High School Baton 
Twirlers go through a routine. 


70 /(5B^.i80|^ 

FIRST ROW: George Fitzgerald, Don XX'ellington, Rusty Potter, Paul Brooks. SECOND ROW: 
Jack Barrett, Walter Monroe, Pete Stevens, George Case. THIRD ROW: Danny Thomas, 
Ty Johnston, Chuck Moses, Roy Alexander. FOURTH ROW: Bob Lawyer, Mike Plucker, 
David Byers, Roark Summerford. 

FIRST ROW: Ed Wilder, Benny Johnson, Warren Ashton, Lewis French, Bob Boatwright. 
SECOND ROW: Bob Budgen, Tom Whitley, Tim Corrigan, Joe Bremer, Joe Hunt. THIRD 
ROW: Paul Chism, Jim Culet, Jim Braden, Steve Cunningham, Jim Riley. FOURTH ROW: 
Mgr. Mike Calacicco, Dave Aibancse, Stuart Brown, J. Fsterline. 

The Balboa High School football 
season begins with the much await- 
ed red and white game. 

B.H.S. tackier intercepts a Green 
Devil for a thrilling moment in a 
close game. 

Lewis French is finally pulled down 
by Qistobal tacklers at the Jamboree. 

A Bulldog avoiding Devil threats. 



\ ^ 


^. A 





^ !^^? ^Jn|fej^.;r*P^Sr^ 


Balboa on the march to victory. 




KNEELING: Maggie Mahoney. FIRST ROW: Eveleen Riley, Maureen Michael, Christy Jen- 
ner, Sharon Brown. SECOND ROW: Pat Chandler, Helen Manning, Cynthia Case, Georgia 


FRONT ROW: Roark Summerford. SECOND ROW: John Colaccico, Allen Proctor, Harold 
Gensemer, Edward Smithwick, Stew Brown. THIRD ROW: Louis Engeleke, Robert Starr, 
Gary Vaucher, Jay Hendricks, Neil Satterwhite, Andy Jacobson. FOURTH ROW: Richard 
Patton, Marty Holmes, Gerald Starr, Kenny Phillips, Caret DePiper, Tom Ganglc, Garth 


Balboa swimming team's top scorers — Eil- 
een Riley and Marty Holmes. 

^■,-if-' .1-'^ 



Marty Holmes picks up two meters with one of his fast turns. 

R • » 




^y €>. 






Swimming at least 30 laps a day is a good work-out for team mem- 

An admiring audience watches the execution 
of a perfect one-and-a-half- 

Wait — I don't have my "B " yet! 

Warming-up exercises. 

Maureen Michael demonstrates 
her record - breaking butterfly 

Watch out foi the hill! 

The girls get in shape with some strenuous 
warm-up exercises? 

THE 1962 

At the 1963 Balboa Track Relays, we had as officiating dignitaries, Edward Scott, 
Honorary Referee; Queen Carol Streetman and her escort, Thomas Perantie; 
Princess Rochelle Egudin and her escort, Paul Brooks; and Princess Elizabeth Van 
Dyke, with her escort, Edward Wilder. 


FIRST ROW: Doug Priester, Curtis 
Searcy, John Carlson, John. Morton. 
SECOND ROW: Lewis French, Joe 
Bremer, Doug Aseron, Victor Alers. LAST 
ROW: Warren Ashton, Jim Widdeke. 

Joe Bremer and Jim Widdeke won 
rhe most points for this year's track 

Balboa High's mile relay team from 
left to right : Doug Aseron, Joe Bre- 
mer, Warren Ashton, ViCTor Alers. 

Scenes at the Balboa Relays 

Marty Holmes gains valuable 
points in the High Jump event. 

Doug Aseron puts his last bit of effort in 
a close race. 

Walt Crouch heaves the shot-put. 






FIRST ROW: Dick Ebdon, Chuck Moses, Lewis Engleke, Gene Hermany, Mario Calleja, 
Bob Ostrea. SECOND ROW: Vic Alers, Doug Priester, Luther Quinn, Dave Cohen, Lew- 
is French, Stew Brown. THIRD ROW: Coach Herb Raybourn, Frank Disharoon, Tim 
Corrigan, Warren Ashton, Jim Riley, Mike Colaccico, Bob Boatwright. 

Smile, you're on candid camera! 

Doug throws a fast one home. 

"Mighty Rusty s" up to bat 

Duh, look here you guys! 


Champion Bulldogs — Boasting a seven and one scholastic record the 1962 Bulldog quin- 
tet won the Canal Zone Interscholastic title. The Bulldogs also on six exhibition games 
3nd were runner-ups in the J. C. Invitational Tournament. In addition to an impressive 
season record the Bulldogs smashed scoring records as they downed J. C. by thirty-five 
points and C. H- S. by thirty points. Tlie Champs — from left to right are — FRONT 
ROW; Tom Murphy, Bob Bowman, John Wainio, Dale Stevens, Tom Perantie. SECOND 
ROW: Bob Harrington, Lewis French, Mike LeBrun, Al Osborne, Don Galloway and 
Bob Baggott. THIRD ROW: Administrative Assistant to Mr. E. W. Hatchett, Principal 
Mr. David Speir, Scorer — Mr. Fred Brown, Timer — Dave Cohen and Coach Stew 
Brown. Returning for the 1963 campaign are Murphy, Perantie, French, LeBrun, Os- 
borne and Baggott. 





Balboa Assembly No. 1 Order of the Rainbow for Girls 

Balboa Lions Club Banco Fiduciario de Panama, S.A. 

Benevolent Protective Order of the Elks 

Canal Zone Credit Union 

Cia. de Productos de Arcilla, S.A. Civa, S.A. 

C, O. Mason, S.A. Dillon Construction Company 

Esso Standard Oil Fern Leaf Chapter No. 4 

Firestone Interamerica Company 
Smoot Y Paredes, S.A. 



S. A, 

Box 5130 Phones 3-6881 3-0822 

Calle 84 "J" 

Urbonizacion Los Angeles Pancmia, R.P. 









1-132 "J" Street Tel. 2-2183 

Panama City Apart ado 7190 

Panama, R.P. 


Duty Free Store Mail Orders Accepted 

Linen Table Cloths All Kinds, French Perfumes, 

Oriental Carved and Inlaid Furniture, Gold 

Jewelry and Pearls, Watches, Transistor Radios, 

Cameras, Petit Point, Beaded, Alligator Bags, 

Carved Ivory and Jade Figurines, Panama 

Hats and Various Other Souvenirs. 

For The Finest In Shopping Visit 



Tivoli Avenue 
P.O. Box 1 303 Panama, R.P. 

Office 2-1588 Residence 2-1779 

Specializes in: Linen Embd. Tablecloths, Finest 
Oriental Silk Erribd. Lingerie, Cashmere 
Sweaters, French Perfumes, Swedish Hand- 
made Crystal, French Beaded and Petit Point 
Bags, Panama Hats, Dunhill Pipes, Cameras, 
Transistor Radios, Mikimoto Pearls Jewelry, 
Precious Stones, Ivory and Jade Figures, 
Orientnl Carved Furniture 

Petroleum ccnd Its Products 




Compliments of 



Balboa, Canal Zone 


Wishing You 
Success and Happiness 



Telefono Apartado 

Pccnama 2- 1 1 69 Panama 34 1 


c:;a :H:L:sf:^iQjEZ s.a. 



















'% :> 'f. 


N.O. 1 1 1 (17-19) Central Avenue 

Panama, R.P. 

Telephone 2-3435 

Cable "BHIKU" P.O. Box 1329 

Panama, R.P. 

The House of French Perfumes and High 
Class Linens, Ivory Figures, Alligators 
Goods, Fine Porcelain and Brass Wares, 
Native Products, Oriental Furniture and 
Rugs, Binoculars, Pocket-Size Transistor 
Radios and World Novelties. 



V- " J^," 




1 "Mwft 


1 «"^-^ 





w ^ 



















P.O. BOX 3161 TEL. 2-4728